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Medcezir 30 part 1 english subs

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Translation and subtitles by Mira please let's not talk this evening

Say that you're not angry please I can't say that Mira because I'm angry. Sometimes I can't know you for the first time I want to proof something to you and me , why you are so hard for this extent ? why you put me in a difficult situation ? why you are playing with me ? I made a mistake , please don't be angry it's not easy for that limit who made you sad to this extent ? Why you was crying ? what it will change if I said ? it will be good for you ? with you ? Are we going to talk about my life alone ? i swear that I know that because I was talked with myself for a long time the things that the people don't say it became bigger inside him wow wow mr. Kenan is a philosopher In the jail Episode 30 what happened this evening ? Who made you hurt ? no one can hurt me whenever I don't allow that no one ever so give me a paper with your laws and I will sign on it , let's do that Mira please don't do that , did I said something like that ? no no , I swear let us do that you are getting angry on me Intentionally now I swear that your mother's hurt actions are found in you also oh god , what does that mean ? it means you are going to the dark side suddenly look what does it means that I am going to the dark side ? How am I going ? Can you say to me Yaman ? hello hello yaman it's a silly thing i will no comment sister , where are you going ? I will go to the coast , I will be back take Safari my son they don't talk you I should go I will not allow to you to drive the car in this condition ♫♫ Uff kenan ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff we are taking a decision to not broke up and sad each others and you are saying a lot of words from that and you are closing the telefon while am talking to you . Yaman I am talking to you , you will not say anything ? You're right thank you Mom you returned back early Miss sude give it to me Good night you to let's say that we both of us made a fault but the human really get angry when you close the telefon in a bad way Yaman Why you are not talking ? Why you are not saying anything ? Why you are silent ? you are so right Yaman , but you are really don't hearing me please Mira , I don't want to argue this night Hello Hello Kenan, I'm Ender I was wondering if you're free Ender what are you doing? Is it something wrong? I'm talking to Kenan, one minute Selim Nonsense it's not needed, I'm only going to ... what ever, I don't want you to go alone Hello Kenan, I'm sorry I was talking with Selim, Can you come? Ender I don't need it Kenan don't dare to come, come on good night What are you doing Ender? Wait until the morning because I'm worried, every minute you're getting phone call treats Dad please, my mom is right Let Kenan be with you I can come I don't want anyone to get injured because of me, why can't you understand it but he once saved you so if he comes with you, I can be at ease Ender I'm not going to those men house, why do you big it . Please don't go this night, I beg you. Go in the morning Dad those men are jerks, what they will do it's not seen. I also don't want you to go. Go tomorrow, together we can go. No, we're not going anywhere together Everyone mind your own business I won't permit this men to concern in our life Okay But you're doing unfair to me, I don't have any places till the morning Hello What happened bro Can I come? I'm sleeping Beren But you haven't change will you sleep like that? yes Are your soul hurt or something? no I was actually asking how the dinner went . Okay mom, I didn't say anything actually it's not a thing that we should bigger it to this extent, the incident is getting bigger because you are longing it it's ok Mira, i'm not longing it , if you are observe even I don't open my mouth why , so you are tried to hurt me too ? like to say that you also have a dark side like your mother . What is my dark side ? Why you move the incident to my mom suddenly ? Okay I'm sorry don't cut and throw it okay , I apologized , come on lets go I will drive I hope so that we can find the old Faruk in the morning okay Although that the ring that in your finger was get of but you are upset . You are so right , you are not exchange the problems with me because of mr. Love and from the other side there is a light romantic past for us . I means no one can complement there is or not ? A marriage like a mountain was collapsed for this reason I am confused this night , forgive me the most words that I don't love it is, forgive me —— Anyway I will get crazy a little in somewhere , from a long time . I was spent a very calm nights, I am feeling that I am rusted . Can you call to me a taxi car , please . I will continue the night I will ride you to the place that you are going no,I will go see you later thank you friends Good evening mom came are we okay? I means there is no need to close the telefon in a bad way from now , ok ? We will not sleep before we will forgive each others , deal ? deal wait Who are you calling ? kenan , I said to him that I will come and I returned back without passing on him , to not let him waiting me in vein now . how are you ? I'm good, I just came home, I'll arrive Mira home I means if you don't sleep yet , I will say to you to come to me we will talk in the garden Good, come he is coming to you too , so we are in the garden , right ? it's to late now and your mom is came , if you want..... it's ok , you know more than me I don't want to make a trouble now there is no anger and quarrel no come on and enter, I'm waiting for you Good night we will meet in the morning , good night . What's you are trying to do ? you will make me crazy what is happening ? what is happening ? What are you doing here ? a lot of things was happened what happened? Don't ask my Yaman The actions will never end in Serez family house . What happened, say it we are threaten in the death on the telephone are wenot threaten ? sister what happened this evening made my mom very sad Why ? — I don't know she closed herself in her room when she returned back to home and she don't want anyone beside her dear mom Mira tomorrow , tomorrow did something bad happened ? I am sleepy , please give some rest good night I swear I don't know, she got out after you and I thought that she is going to the club But then I saw Yaman's brother arriving my mom home When I entered the room , my mom was crying really ? this time the problem is serious , even she didn't was like that when my mom and my dad was divorced She is officially collapsed what's happened ? maybe mr. Kenan knows what happened to my mom oh god, did you call the police ? yes , and tomorrow he will go to the persecution from the early I agree that theses calls and threatens are bothering , but there is no condition as how you are scaring , who's made this is a Someone Amateur and it's clear , he is given it to foot and don't know that and sure they will find from where this calls are done moreover I will go to the persecution just to behave in a secure way, so you can be at ease I'm going tomorrow not now I'll also come together, for me. I will come no one will come to any place , come on let's sleep all of us , it's too late , here there is a work and university , come on I will make massage , so nervous thank you very much because you came good night Come let's talk in 2 minutes

Where would I go son, I need to go I left all the place open , the windows are open wait 2 minutes what is your new pain ? come , let's talk inside What kinds of men you are ?how you can do something like that ? what I did ? I saw you , with mrs. Sude aaa now I understand that woman is my girlfriend mom ,her mother . I will lose my mind whenever I think in it . Are you crazy ? How you can do smoothing like that ? Kenan you never think in the background of the thing that you will make it ? Why you don't stay calm ? Why your skin is hoeing you

nothing happened without the agreement of the women oh god , leave it

the woman was drunk , her head was confused, I don't do anything , she was kissing me excuse me , forgive me I cut your conversation come in Mira what happened ? I want to talk with kenan Kenan what happened this night ? what do you mean in " what happened " ? you arrived my mom home, Beren said that . I mean did she argued with my dad ? Is anything happened to bother her ?

no , no . A long time was passed when mr. Faruk and mrs. Sedef are gone and she came to the restaurant , she was looking And I was coming to here so I said to her I will arrive you . And I arrived her , there is nothing else so the reason is my dad ? I don't know , I am not a witness on any incident .

Anyway I will leave you alone . I am going , goodbye we will continue later I'm sorry , I apologize again, I cut your conversation but.... it's not important thing , come

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