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Overdone urban legend [Part 2]

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...compass is a sea "Sextant". Gendou Rokubungi(Sextant) is described here. And "the Son of God" Shinji, who was made by Gendou Senxtant and Yui Ikari overlapping, is described right here. So the story is that the symbol of Freemason was engraved on the anime audaciously And here is another point that we should take notice of, that the release of the film has come at the time when its approaching the end of 2012. What is the last Apostle? You might think of Kaoru Nagisa By dividing the letter "渚" into two radicals , you can see the word "シ者", right? And you slide the word "カヲル" to the right and you see the word "オワリ", right? The one who tells an end is something that tells a beginning, right? And destruction and rebirth. Things recover after being destroyed, right? He next went to see someone who holds the hey of "The new era" after an interval of 2 years. It's been two years. The only oracle who's descended from Mayan, "A Quta". Whee. The Mayan descendant. We were told a lot of valuable stories two years ago. And once again, I would like to ask him about lots of things. What do you think of the end-of-the-world stories around the world? Those so called Mayan prophecies are very different than the end-of-the world theories. It's completely impossible that the world is going to end on the last day of the Aztec calendar. The 5th era is ending, and the new era or the 6th era will come which is a very amazing thing to us. As we experience it, we must mentally develop ourselves. With the power of "The Photon Belt", besides this long-term period, I'm certain that we are going to see a very bright future of people's harmony. So we're not gonna die. The harmony of people. Why did Mayan disappear? The Mayan civilization excelled in science technology. Our ancestors used crystals to generate some special energies and spaces. Reportedly, select people could go into outer space and move to another planet beyond space and time by using that special power. So we are not all perished. The Palenque relief is so to say a space ship made from crystals. The Palenque relief is a relief that is engraved on a stone coffin of King Pacal. It portrays a human riding in a vehicle which is out of place in ancient time. That relief portrays a vehicle which can move into another dimension beyond time and space. It's said Mayan King used to travel to another planet riding in it. So Mayan had a connection to the universe from the ancient time. We came from another planet and evolved on the Earth. From the beginning of human history, we were connected to the universe. He says part of Mayan moved to another planet beyond space and time instead of staying on the Earth. Year 2013 "The new era" Are we moving out into outer space one day? or else... We are at the beginning of a new civilization as well as at the end of a civilization. Which means a transition to the 6th era, a threshold of the whole new era. December 22th 2012 The world is not going to end You know 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Because of that, 2013 is said to be the year where the US government starts disclosing national secrets Speaking of John F. Kennedy, he was very enthusiastic about space exploration For example, the Apollo program in which people went to the moon Some says he got killed because he had contacts with aliens The Mexican Urban Legend File 2 Human Beings and The Universe The true mystery Mexico where the Mayan civilization once prospered has the largest number of of UFO sightings in the world Mexican government has acknowledged the existence of the UFO Seki met a pioneer of the Mexican UFO research and a member of the Mexican International Friendship Association, "Oscar Arredondo Ramirez" They say people often see UFOs from here

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Part 2

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