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Dans la tête

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My name is Antoine Antoine Bertrand Here, it's Anna, my girlfriend. The day I left her for the army Here, that's me and my regiment And here... well... It's the day I die In the Head Next So, what's your name kid Antoine Bertrand Sir ! All right Bertrand Take it and sign That's it Guys, your goal is easy The ennemy are there We are just here Your mission Clean the area Do you understand ? YES SIR ! You will proudly fight for your country Do not forget, you are all volunteers And the héroïc action you are going to do today Will always burn in our history books The country relies on you We have to show them, who you are ! what ? My dear Antoine, welcome Hello I have to tell you something about our rules You know, according to the rules number 214, paragraph 12, line 6 Close the door still being, for spirit that the light will have to At the gate of the harbor see the flag... ship... Well When we die, humans see their life running through the camera in the head And this release, is needed in order to go to heaven My dear Antoine Your camera Has a few problems And that's why you haven's seen your life And that's why you could not pass What can I do ? You just have to go back, before your death And you just have to die, but take care of your camera Understand ? YES SIR... my Lord Here we go Antoine, Let's have a great death Next The ennemy are here Mission accomplished -No... -No I think I've not made myself quite clear You must be wiser in the way to die Antoine Your camer has to stay intact Next Take it and sign And here... Well... That's when I die

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Duration: 6 minutes and 48 seconds
Country: Belgium
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Views: 239
Posted by: alix on May 1, 2009

Dans La Tête

Site Officiel :

Réalisé Par :
Grégory DAMOUR
Anthony GILLES

Synopsis : Antoine Betrand, un jeune homme quitte sa petite amie Anna, pour s'inscrire dans l'armée.Un jour de conflit, celui ci se fait tirer une balle en pleine tête. Antoine va alors arriver aux portes du Paradis. . .

Musique : Clod

Son : José Vicente ; Yoann Poncet : Studios des Aviateurs

Voix :
St Pierre : Jean Robert Lombard
Antoine : Grégory Damour
Recruteur : Jean Louis Garcia
Briefing : Gérard Raucoules

Production : Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA)

Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques.Montpellier.France©ESMA.2008

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