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Superman, Christopher Reeves Afterdeath: 1one - Why we support illness and disease

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Christopher Reeve - Part 1 Hi, (smile) this is christopher reeve..and i'm speaking to you from the dimensions.. and of course (laugh) as many of the world know..I was the, 'old superman'.. and was confined to a wheelchair for..many years, and..I passed over.. god, I wouldn't say 'recently' but..quite a while back, and.. I most definitely did not expect myself to.. experience myself in the dimensions after I died. and I indeed did..I realized that i'm still 'Here', and.. it's fascinating because as i..crossed over to the dimensions.. after I died, many would refer to it as the after life. I got a bit worried (laugh).. because I wondered if i'd ever have the ability to communicate with my family again, and.. i've been trying to, actually. interestingly enough, to reach my wife. and..I haven't been able to..successfully. and I have now the ability to..and, tell her that.. and my family that..I am supporting you in this process that is about to take place on earth. There are many changes that are coming, and.. there are many changes in the dimensions where I am at now, it's strange saying 'dimensions'..because it's not really that i'm in the dimensions. It's more that i' a, expressive..'spirit' form here on earth. the dimensions is alternate 'existence''s not the same as anyone would 'think' it to be. Now we're here, same as human beings are here, experience, that is..unconceivable on earth, it's unimaginable, and.. it' experience that no one would expect when you die, actually. I know, when I die..will be the complete end, wasn't. although (laugh), if I integrated into another human being.. in terms of supporting them in their process..I am able to 'walk' (laugh). and, in the dimensions it's more of a, if you want to call it 'the dimensions' it's more of a.. floating experience of yourself. I no long in discomfort in any pain, and.. I am grateful that i'm here, that I am still give the world the message, that: you still exist when you die..and to beings that are still here on earth. saying to you that: all that you are now, is not the entirety of who you really are, there is something more, and..(sigh) it's going to be a tough process because, we're basically preparing the way for the children to come, and.. you know, according to my experience..on earth, it was quite unfortunate..I mean, you know, I wanted to do so much good, and..I wanted to maybe change.. human being's lives in a way that i..only possibly could understand at that time. but you know, I realized I was doing it, in the incorrect approach.. that, the way in terms of placing foundations and raising funds to support certain.. human beings with certain experiences of themselves to..maybe adjust their life style, to adjust the way..they currently experience themself because of disabilities. It's not the way to go actually. (smile) terms of my unfortunate experience (sigh).. that, I asked myself the question many times, you know: why am I still here? why am I confined to this wheel chair, I mean what am I able to do here? I'm a broke..i'm..a live being in a broken body. is it the way it's suppose to be? existed within me that question for many years: oh, ah..chrisopher reeves..superman (laugh) to who might wonder which chrisopher reeves specificly this is.. confined to wheel chair for..many years, and..what is the purpose of that, I mean.. even when I died, and I got to..realize I am still Here, even though i've died on this physical earth plane. I asked myself you know, what was the purpose of that? why..why does that 'happen'? why do people get such injuries? in this world, and..I mean, i'm not asking it from perspective of why..only..does this happen this way? I am asking from the perspective that necessary? was it a 'lesson' I had to learn? I mean..I got that purpose from..from my experience in terms of raising foundations.. raising funds, to support human beings with the same disability experiences as I had.. but then..I realized..where's that money actually going? Who's making money..out of this whole situation? and I realized that who's making hospitals, is doctors..scientists, they're making money to support human beings, who have, such disability experiences. Why? why is it necessity of that to exist? why do we have doctors in this world? Why..have we just accepted broken bones..or experiences of broken bodies to be normal? That the only way scientists, doctors..hospitals ..organizations, establishments.. are able to exist because human beings have unfortunate events occur to them, which you.. which some call fate, which some call destiny. That is not true. I found that my experience, specificly ..was programmed, in.. as many human beings' lifes..are programmed in, and I finally found the answer to the question Why..I still had to exist here on this earth? even though my body was broken, and I was..a fine being inside a broken body, and my purpose apparently being able to.. establish foundations, trust funds..supporting scientists and doctors to.. certain specific disabilities and supporting others, who are unfortunate as I was, and..that was..not the case. The truth I found was the following, which is quite disturbing, and.. which many human beings on this earth are required to realize, is that: every single human being's life..has been pre-programmed, I mean.. I could play out my was 'already pre-planned', I just kinda step into a..'pre-planned' program life, and..I just walked it. and that specificly..the breakages, the disabilities..illnesses, diseases, etc. are specific programmed..pre-programmed life experiences, to have the existence of doctors, to have the existence of hospitals, have the existence of scientists certain disabilities.. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Kurt Waldheim, Mozart, Beethoven CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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