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Anat Baniel on Flexibility + Vitality (Feldenkrais Method)

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we just heard that the brain is the most amazing piece of technology and let us take a look briefly its recent history uh... back in 1981 Hubel and Wiesel got the Nobel Prize for their a groundbreaking research on cortical plasticity, that means their ability of the brain too while you're in structure itself in response to accept on experiences they've reached the conclusion that after will be called certain critical periods the brain structures for the most part they're not going to be changing themselves anymore that was back in nineteen eighty one and for human beings eight-b_ observed that those critical periods a lot of pieces of those critical beards happen aided by the age of who won inven they're part of fleet between age five and ten ten uh... doctor michael merson inmate the renowned brain sciences back in the early seventies uh... he had a he's met important feature he just told me that last week whom he admired and respected very deeply also advocated against the idea of brain mississippi so that was aid not too long ago on hide their but in the early seventies when doctor myers than it did his research he's observation is in his own words could not make sense in the world where the brain cannot change itself so and the only way he could explain what he was finding was any through the idea off it very plastic brings to a life fifteen years after that i was sitting in my office with a thirteen month old infant baby who was diagnosed by two top new york city attrition a pediatrician says having group what they labeled global brain damaged she had it truly dire prognosis they said she will never crawls stand and walk talk or head any meaningful functioning in adult life hai uh... was unaware of the hugo and we solicitors tional vp it the g_a_t_t_ or may cost the city of the brain and i've not yet discovered the work of dr michael mirza make another scientist c of the paper sixty research never work for the child like there's a fifty four actually she was the very first baby at her work for you so my greatest asset that that time was that and i had no idea what's not possible i didn't have experienced this personally affair profound changes in my own life and i made the assumption that there must be correlating changes in the brain so i went for it today elisabeth ease uh... beautiful fully functioning independent st woman she has two masters degrees she's married she also runs her own business eight today if indeed they feel free bus tickets for the accepted research shows it didn't in inaction actually happening however in dating life most people don't go around thinking about their changing brain and they're not many student n shelley in fact they bring in the direction that we want for most people a in the areas even in areas where it's obvious the brain does need to rewire like for instance in rehabilitation where they say injury even brain injury or in certain thickness training musical training and so on some of the practices of how native people are trained or educated is not conceive they've brain doesn't even exist in the computation of how to help people get better i don't think i'm taking a high command favorite trail in there from time to time i see the same people stretching before the get ready to do their ryan or their walk in they placed into the inflicting on the gate and they've been forward and they start you know stretching trying to catch their tops and i've observed overtime victory most of them i'd do not seem to see much off it changed and the stretching is supposed to increase flexibility and to also warm up the muscles to prepare for a new york hiking and are question whether this is the best way to to do it and probably some of you hear have tried stretching and have found that sometimes it's not quite as beneficial as it's supposed to be uh... id number a few years back i work it briefly we'd be principal that's your from a well-known the american dance to and she's head in she came to me because she had a uh... lifelong issue she could not lift her left leg behind they're doing in our best click on our best as well is her n initiatives that figures was her right leg and has been stretching of course her whole aide training years and that has not changed so how about redoing and ted like thing here and i get your all act standing and let's give it a try betsy what we can do experiment that little bit now i know it's very crowded into theater strategy and so i'm going to ask you and you're going to do things going to be shown here but just picketed if you don't understand these tax and so i'm gonna stand here and i'm gonna ask on a fee to turn about twenty degrees towards where i'm standing that these in order to create that little bit more space and spread your legs a tiny paper you know there's not much space to spare the legs there anyway and now bend your knees just a tiny little bit and has gone down to reach your hand stores the floor victory gently don't pull hard cc confined space to bend down here hence towards the floor and come back up betsy plants are no more no need to give failure amazing as much as i can see here you go you thank you so much and now if you are to want to go out further down normally what would you do the would probably start pulling harder and trying to push harder hoping to somehow get yourself mark flexible so how do we try something a little different you guys in the front row turn around and use the same back of the chairs your is here the people behind you and all of you just can't squarely to towards me towards the front leaving on both hands on the chair spread your legs they've built their band the needs a little bit not a lock and have the movement in the end of the killings you're going out julia belly memorandum back and not bamut your belly button like it's really interesting and bed arch your back as you for real here at the minimal out show your tail to keep leaning on the chair with straight arms if you can and now run your it back pulled the daily you look at your belly button and then arts your back let the barely free and look up now stop turned twenty degrees towards me twenty degrees quickly running out of time here then there is a little bit and ever image that your hands and see if you're going a little further down all against somebody figure something anyway stand back again leave out the back of that she regained and now you're gonna pull your belly memoranda back except you're gonna turn your head and pick up and they're your left arm pit so you're out in your back home in the belly and then looking on the left i'm peter neufeld like that than your heart in your back letting that the belly up in looking over you're left shoulder and not pull the belly well at that end up and they're you're right that aren't there right now lots of professors here is some answers selected answer u_n_ are carter back pleasure bailey at the local over a year right shoulder excellence and actor and twenty degrees the same way and then that optus used subbing and blog anti-gang first yesterday employees front okay what did you lie i hope you can see on map what just happened where you just brought tears to happen to have a brain and that your brain can change and let me tell you serve their briefcases some of the principles what i call the essentials that uh... a daddy we used here want gives you more we've attention something you just heard about you mostly that tension movement inattention changes the brain extremely quickly the second thing is slowing down fair thing you do you think the reduced the force the for things that you do you think you brought a few variations and the fifth in your t_v_ set backed off a little bit from your goal to give you freedom to experiment is a five of nine essentials that i used the dancer in a few minutes by the way it took about six minutes her to be able for her brain to figure out how to move her leggings wags so to say the state and these are the same principles that they use avert many years with elizabeth helping her move from in overcome one limitation after the other two issues today v muscles just very briefly justin's subject of stretching are not guilty stretching physiologically it's not like it's crazy muscles are built to contract and the contract when their tuition can interfere with their movements because the brainy sending them to it signalled the contract at the wrong time so we have to somehow communicate with their brain to change the pattern with which it is that organizes our movement so these essentials do not give you see there there's simplicity somthing movement for the tensions smile need reduced force variation falling back into it from the goal we use them daily to transform the lives that we work a lot the chilling special needs autistic children and statement serve a policy in today to disorders worked with musicians athletes people like that you take this into your life to take this into your exercise you take this into your thinking to do research all these principles actually wake up the brain and do you think the information flight including information with me to speak we've which you can do it's remarkable changes it has enormous implications for education if we if we can take children that are really having a hard time learning to read right-wing move and get them all the way through college and get them to be a two extremely intelligent imagine what you can do with it with intelligent people it's eat provides people back to human dignity said just remember leave you with that thought that even on a bad day you have an amazing brain and may provide your brain what techniques to create can invent for you it will do it at all times thank you so much thank you

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Anat Baniel is the founder of the Anat Baniel Method(sm) and the director of the ABM Center in Marin County, California, where she and her colleagues teach professional training programs, workshops and see private clients.


TEDxBerkeley 2011 - Engaging the World - took place on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at UC Berkeley. Nearly 1400 attendees and 200,000 live-stream viewers enjoyed the day.

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