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The Expendables (2010)

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(narrator) They are the world's greatest mercenaries. The only life they've ever known is war. The only loyalty they've ever had... to each other. [many yelling] Drop your guns! (Lee) How about the four on the left? (Barney) Why don't you take the two on the right and leave the rest? (Lee) You're not that fast anymore. Oh here we go. The only thing faster is... light. Exactly. (Lee) We'll see. Well, I got 3 pieces of work. Two are a walk in the partk. One's a hell of a big assault. (Yin) We are working for the agency. (Barney) I gotta recon this island first. (voice) Nothing you need to know. The job's real, the money's real. (Trench) Give the job to my friend here - he loves playing in the jungle. Right? (Barney) Right. (Mr. Church) What's his problem? (Lee) Is that the contact? (Sandra) Follow me please. People who fight back are killed. We all have our time and place. Maybe you can help. I don't think so. I gotta leave. (Barney) What's wrong with this picture? (Lee) Everything. (Barney) Without the manpower or firepower we'll be dead in the water. They got a small army. What have we got? Four and a half men. (Yin) That's so funny. It's not easy being your friend. We will kill this American disease. (Tool) I promised myself and that for something counts. (Sandra) People live through terrible times, but you must believe you can survive. (Lee) In ten seconds, you won't believe what's gonna happen. What happened to you? (Barney) I got my ass kicked. [Shinedown - "Diamond Eyes"] ♪ One push is all you'll need ♪ ♪ It's a philosophy ♪ ♪ We watch with diamond eyes ♪ Are you crazy? You could have killed me! You're welcome. ♪ Anyone of us is expendable ♪ I don't have a problem with that. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Apr 10, 2010

Captioned Movie Trailer for "The Expendables"

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