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Jeff Foster - El final de la búsqueda

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Jeff Foster 'The End of Seeking' Film Editing and Translation - Brama Oswiecenia The end of seeking, the end of the seeker isn't something to be found in the future,... .. it's right here. At the end of seeking is ... .... life, .... as it is. The end of seeking The end of seeking .... is seeing. And then of course the question is, well, "Who ... who sees?' Who? Who sees life? Is ... is there actually anyone here who sees life? or is there just life? Is there anybody here ... ... hearing life? Is there somebody here hearing .... ... hearing life or is there just life? Is someone here feeling life? Or is there just life? There is the assumption that there is someone here, at the centre of ... life. The assumption that there is someone here "doing" ... life. That there is someone here seeing, someone here thinking, someone here ... ... hearing., someone here feeling This assumption .... it goes right to the root of ... this seeing game that we play. The end of seeking is seeing, seeing life as it is. The question is 'Who ... who sees life? What is this "me", this 'I'", that we think is there? This "I" that sees, the "I" that hears, the "I" that thinks, the "I" who asks questions and waits for answers. Is it even there? Is ... .. is there anyone here? Is there actually anyone here separate from all of this? Is there anyone here separate from all of this? Or is there just this? And again, these are not questions that can be answered by the mind. Cos the mind's just going to say: "well yeah of course there's somebody here". "I'm" .... "I'm" doing all this, "I'm" "doing" seeing, "I'm" thinking, "I'm" hearing, "I'm" choosing". We never really stop, we never really stop to really look. So, right now. What's happening? Right now life is happening. This is ... this is life ... happening. Sitting on a .... Sitting on a chair; the birds singing, the sound of the fridge, the sound of this voice, breathing happening, thoughts appearlng disappearing. This is life expressing itself, in its fullness. Nothing is nothing is missing here. Everything is present here. It's only a thought ... It's only a thought that would come in and say something is missing from life. that something is missing from this ... ... present appearance. Something is missing it's only a thought that would say that something is missing. Do we ever really stop and look ... is there anything missing? Can there be... Can there be anything missing? So right now, sounds are happening all sorts of sounds are happening. the sound of his voice, the sound of birds ... ...tweeting outside. The sound of, eh, the refrigerator. The sound of movement happening in the room, it could be the sound of breathing, or maybe you're not breathing; maybe you've stopped breathing. So all these sounds ... sounds just appear, don't they? They eh... Sounds just happen, effortlessly; without effort, without YOU having to DO anything. Sounds... simply appear. And, and they are heard. Effortlessly, without you having to do anything Sounds ... are heard, hearing happens. There is something here that is effortless everything. Noone has to "do" hearing, noone in this room ... is "doing" hearing. Noone has to think: "ok, I'm going to hear now, I'm going to "do hearing" now. "I choose to hear". Hearing just happens effortlessly. And then what appears to happen, is this movement of thought, thought comes in and says: "I am hearing", "I am hearing" There's "me" and there's the sound". The subject and an object. the perceiver and the perceived There's the sound and the one that hears the sound. So now you have to appear two things. The sound and the one that hears the sound Of course in your direct experience of life there are never two things.Tthere's only one thing, life is just one movement. A singular movement. In thought you appear to have two. you have "me" and the sound of the refrigerator. or the sound of the birds singing. You appear to have two things. Can you actually find any separation at all between the hearing of the sounds and the sound? Can you find any gap in time or in distance between the hearing of the sound and the sound itself? Isn't it more true to say that sounds simply appear? And that the hearing of the sound isn't separate from the sound? You could even say that the hearing of the sound, is the sound. Sound and the one who hears it, are not two, are not separate. So right at the heart of life, right in the midst of life, always .... is a total intimacy between what you are and everything that appears. There is no gap. You will never find any separation, any gap between you and the sound. Or you and feeling, you and what you see. And you can see it with seeing, with visual seeing,it's obvious as well, open your eyes. The eyes are open and this room .... the room is there You can try it, try it now. It works I promise. Open your eyes and the world is there. It's there, in its, in its fullness. Shapes, colours textures Our eyes open and the world, it's there. This is a, this is a miracle. So again, noone... noone has to 'do' seeing. You don't have to say to yourself: "Ok, I'm going to see now, I'm going to make the room appear". The room is just there. The world is just there. Of course the thought just then comes in and says: "I'm seeing" "I see a world", "I see the room". "There's me and there's the room" There's that which is seen and the one who sees it". So now you appear to have two things. Because again in your direct experience of life, you never find two things. All you'll ever find is ... this appearing. And then a story coming in about someone seeing this. "I am seeing this". Can you find any gap whatsoever between .... the one who sees and that which is seen? Can you find any gap whatsoever between what you are and all of this? You'll find this but you'll never find the one who sees it. Sounds will appear, but you'll never ever find the one who hears them. Hearing simply happens, effortlessly. Seeing ... simply happens, effortlessly. So again there's this, there's this total intimacy and intimacy just means non-separation And there's total, you could use the word 'love'. Unconditional love. between what you are and all of ... ... all of this. You are, you are inseparable from everything that appears. You are .. There's this total intimacy with all of this, with everything that appears... No... That's not an intimacy that you'll find one day in the future. That's an intimacy that's, like, built in. It's built into what you are, to life. It's right there, always, at the very heart of your experience. At the very heart of your experience. You'll never find anyone here seeing, anyone here hearing, anyone here feeling or thinking. There's simply noone here. There's noone here separate from .all of this. There's noone here separte from seeing, from hearing, from feeling, There is simply ... life.... being seen, being heard. What is noticed is that in life, Everything is fundamentally... ...ok. because it's happening. Nothing that happens within your life can ... .... can really touch what you are.

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Extracto de un encuentro de Jeff Foster en Gales en el año 2010

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