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Ed Edd n Eddy

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Ed Edd n Eddy! Wah! Edd Eddy It's Way Ed 2, 3, I am going! Aah! Waah! Are you nuts? It's a beautiful day! WAAA! WOOAH! C'mon Eddy, let's do something! Hey, what day is it? Tuesday? Tuesday. Details, details. Let me check my 'Who To Scam and When' book. Tuesday, Tuesday, Saturday Rolf, Sunday Kevin, Monday... Ha! Jonny 2x4! He gets his allowance today! Let's pay Jonny a visit. Ha ha ha Jonny? I don't see him, Eddy. Start searching. Tally-ho! Wait up, Eddy! Ha ha See him? This stinks. There's Jonny! Bum ba dump bump bump. What's he doing up there? Hey Jonny! Look out, Ed! Hello Sarah. Nice chopsticks. They're stilts, Mr. Know-Nothing! Stilt-walking is the latest fad. Everybody's doing it! Aah, we know. We left our stilts at home. C'mon. Wait for me, Sarah! Nnnygh! Aah! Ow. What's a fad? When something insignificant becomes popular. Right! And we know the Eds are way insignificant! Hold it steady! Guys! Wuh-oh! Oh dear. Boy Eddy, you're good! My turn! My turn! Shall we join the others? Okay. I like this fad stuff! I'm cool. Okay. I'm the man. I'm cool again. I'm cool. So cool.I'm Cool. Yep. Cool. The kids are all here! C'mon, Eddy! Wait up, burrhead! Hey, everybody, the Eds have arrived! Whizz, Whizz, it's time to Whazz! Aah! Whizz, Whizz, it's time to Whazz! Whizz, Whizz, it's time to Whazz! What're you guys doing? What does it look like? We're Whizz-Whazzing! Everybody's doing it! We're Whizzheads! Cool, can I try? You're a dork! Dork? Ow! Stilts are so out. Whizz-Whazzing's where it's at! Ah, we knew that. We were testing ya! We've had Whazz-Whizzing for weeks. Sheesh. (Raspberries) C'mon, Ed! Where ya been? Whizz-Whazz, time to Whazz! Ready? Contact! Very good, Ed! Oh yeah. STOP!!! What's the point? We're always a fad behind. To be cool We have to be two fads ahead of everybody else! (Both) Taaah! Hey. Ha! Perfect! Hey Eddy, what are we looking for? Why the next big thing after the next big thing, Ed m'boy! I hope it's clean. Ah ha! I got it! This is it! TV! Voila! Oh it's a rerun. I dunno Eddy, I question the fadability. Messy messy messy. Careful. There. Choo-choo mania! Hey! Cool. Move it, Ed! I got it! Whoa! Here it comes! What are we going to do with you? Ha ha ha Ouch ah Cookin! Oh, wow, way cool! Ya-ha-ha! I can't make up my mind. Fads are flighty, Eddy. Yaah! Ow What's up with you, Ed? Double D! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Actually, Eddy, it's hip, it's now...but it smells funny. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy! C'mon Jimmy! Wow! Time to dazzle, boys! We're so ahead we're invisible! I'm quite enjoying myself, Eddy! Huh? Cool! Uh oh. Not good not good not good! WE are Fad Freakers. YOU are old hat. Oh dear. Fad Freaky's where it's at! Hey everyone! New fad! Huh. Some people just can't deal with greatness. Huh? QUIT LAYING AROUND! I'm so tired. Amateurs. Fad Freaky RULES! Can we rest? C'mon, Double D! Get off! Gravy. Hmm. La la la la la la la la la. Pathetic. Hey, Eddy? Can we take a break? They're still on balloon fads! Okay boys, take five. Aah sweating. Ooh yeah. Ed! Quit fooling around. C'mon guys, race you to the lemONADE!!! It wasn't me. Hey hey hey, what're ya doin? You are so out of it. We are Fad Freakers! It's the latest thing. You're just miles behind. These dorks always are. But–that's our fad. That's it! Cool. [in a hushed tone] "This is not good. That's not funny! NOOOOOOO! We're behind again. Cheer up, Eddy! My mom says fads go in a cycle! In another ten years we'll be back in style. [Groaning] I'm hungry. Shut up, Ed. Laugh Ed Laugh

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Director: Danny Antoccuni
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Posted by: talha123456 on Jun 18, 2013

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