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There are many cultural differences between the French and the Americans To demonstrate, we brought two special guests: an American man and a French woman. They each went to the other's country recently They will tell us about their experiences, and what we can learn about the cultural differences between France and America. Hello! My name is Manon, and I am from Paris, France. And you? Hello Manon, nice to meet you. My name is Benjamin, and I am from California in the United States. You can call me Ben. Nice to meet you, Ben. Did you go to France recently? Yes! I spent one month in Paris I lived near the Seine. What did you think? Did you like it? Yes! I loved the city but there were a few things that were very different from the United States. Like what? Like, for example, the work culture. I made a friend who lived near my home, and he told me that that the French have five weeks of mandatory vacation! Americans do not have anything like that! Yes, it's true! When I traveled to the United States, I was very, very surprised when my friend told me that she had not taken a vacation for at least five years. Yes, unfortunately this experience is very common for most Americans I find that to be very sad, and also bad for the workers. In France, workers work more efficiently when they take vacations. I wish America was like France for vacations! One day, maybe. Americans are very tired because they do not have a mandatory holiday, right? Yes, it's true. Have you traveled to the United States recently? Yes! I traveled to Boston to visit my friend in Waltham, at Brandeis. Ah! I really like Boston, but I have never heard of Brandeis. What is it? You have never heard of Brandeis? How sad! Brandeis is a very, very important university and it is difficult to be admitted there. The students who attend are extremely intelligent. Ah, how nice! What did you think of Boston? I loved it! I also noticed cultural practices that are different from those of the French. Like what? Like a lot of things, for example when my friend and I went to dinner in a restaurant, she said to me, "Will you split the bill with me?" I said, "yes, of course", and I took the money out of my wallet. She said, "You need to give ten dollars more for the tip." I said "A tip? Why do we have to tip? Are the waiters not paid?" She looked at me as if I had three heads, and said, "Yes, but it is expected to give a tip if the service was good" I was surprised! Yes, me too! I was surprised when my friend told me we don't have to give a tip at the restaurant. It's very different. Also, I saw another difference between the French and Americans - the French are much more polite than Americans. How so? The French use a lot of phrases in emails and texts that are more polite. For example, Americans use short sentences in texts and emails, like, "Bring the books tomorrow." But the French say "Hello, can you bring me the books tomorrow, please?" Ah, yes, yes. I know what you mean. Americans do not use enough formal phrases, such as "I'd like" or... Yes, exactly! I know another thing that is a difference between the Americans and the French Yes? What? They interrupt people when they are talking! Yes! It's... Ah. I'm sorry. Forgive me, please? It's no big deal, You're French, it's not your fault! (laughing) Yes, that's true. What was your favorite thing in Boston? I adored how there were many types of people. You can go anywhere and meet a new and completely different person than another person that is five steps to the right! It's an exaggeration, but it's true! And you? What was your favorite thing in Paris? I loved the rich culture and the long history of Paris - there are many places that are hundreds of years old. It's incredible! It's incredible! I agree. I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit to Paris! And I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the United States! The End.

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