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Elio D'Anna - I Principi del Viaggio (2-3)

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Two people who commit themselves to never separate each other can take over the world. Whatever happens. I made a promise. Whatever happens, I can't part with you. - Yes. - That's the victory. I have to be one. After you do that, business is a piece of cake. So, it's not the journey per se. It could be a game of vanity. - It's a pretext. - A game of vanity could be bad. It must be an adventure that will bring you such success over the coming years. - Absolutely. You're investing. - Yes. You're investing money, time, youth. Danger. Danger of life. Danger of death. Absolutely. Anything can happen, but you have to look inside yourself. If bad times come, look inside yourself. That event is the expression of a state of being. Two men meet in the desert. Naked, no symbols or uniform. One drives, the other is driven. There's nothing you can do. - Guess who drives. - I don't think so. My father says so too. Only one person makes decisions. Absolutely. But that's great. In peacetime, we can be democratic. In wartime, we need to be dictators, otherwise you can't survive. And when we are united, one of us who says to take a direction, it doesn't matter which one, that direction is the right one. "Oh, now I have to take the direction you chose." That's already... - No, no. That's not effective. - If you follow it, it means that I took that direction at the same moment. At the same moment, in absence of time. If you'll be able to be aware all the time, your journey will be smooth as silk. Lucidity means control. Any negative emotion or complaint must be immediately... Never accuse each other, because... "Did you forget the jack? How can we do now?" - So that... - Now you do the jack. No, I think it's a very beautiful thing. You have surely taken every precaution.

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Elio D'Anna - I Principi del Viaggio (2-3)

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