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Mingmar Lama - Tsum Valley, Nepal - Nepali (Global Lives Project, 2013) 08:30:00 - 08:59:59

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What are you talking about these shoes? You know what it's called? It's called romantic shoes. When will you be back?—Will be back after a while. Why are you packing then?—It's wet. Don't you see? Wait! You like pulling things?—Like what? Go to the forest and get some sticks. I only know how to break things. What shall I tell you? It is better if I don't tell you. Bag's top is bigger than the body. This looks like you.—Really? Don't press... might break things. Sun is up now.—It means foxes are getting married. Then when is monkey's wedding? Monkey's wedding is during your wedding. —Nonsense! Is the sun shinning? Can you give me my face wash and cream? Whose is this?—It's not mine. This shooting is taking long time. Do you have my gloves?—It's inside the tent.—Which tent? I don't understand that it snowed this month. At high altitude, it snows during summer... ...But sometimes it doesn't snow at the pass. It's snowing now. I am telling it to you to know why it's snowing this time of the year. Earlier, it doesn't snow after second month of the year. We don't come here earlier during the forth month. I used to come. It's nice but screen touch is not good. Have to press hard. I heard some noise. Is it avalanches? Maybe.—I'm leaving. Let's talk more.—I'm hungry. Give me the watch my friend. Who is saying? He said that we are filming whole day. Take that pot off and give me my hat. My head is big?—This water is boiling. I'm feeling sleepy.—What?—Feeling sleepy! Did you finish your mix coffee? Come here for a while. Ask that cameraman of how long is it going to take? He said one card left.—What? How long would it take? Did you have your meal? It's too much smoke.—Yes, my eyes are burning. Wait! Did you have your meal?—Yes. Do you have curry for porridge? It got spilled. We had dry porridge. It's so boring with no sun.—It will snow more for sure. Disturbs our work. Why are they talking long time? I don't know. Three more extra hour. Maybe some photos are deleted. Did you see good pictures? How about the scenes? I didn't see all.—Ones that you have seen? Today is really boring. Because of the weather. Yesterday I might have found four Yartsa.—For sure. Where will you spend your new year?—At home. Where did you and Yeshi go last time? You mean on my way to Kathmandu? —I met you on the way. Oh! At Dotang? You two had fun?—Yes. He can't walk fast. Do you want to have noodle?—Sorry, i don't. Nice to have noodles.—I don't feel hungry. Our curry got spilled.—Just when we were serving. This goes here. This belongs to him. He took this earlier.—This is his. He took it from here.—This is different one. I think this spoon is his. Whose is this?—Mine. This?—That guy's. The sun is shinning now.—No, it's cloudy. Are there lots of people? People from Burjee are there also. You guys don't camp at plain area. Yes.—You camp farther from main site. Next to the riverside. Have you been there? Let's go to my area for one night. You'll enjoy. Today we are turning.—You can come day after. You can find lot of Yartsa as well. But the Yartsa is small. Sell it in low price then. What time is it?— Eleven? My friend. Did you sell yours yesterday?

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Producer: Rinzin Lama
Views: 98
Posted by: globallives on Nov 7, 2013

Mingmar packs his bag and relaxes. His friend, Ngodup, comes to his hut and they chat.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Mingmar Lama.

This video was produced by Rinzin Lama, Andrew Mahlstedt, Dawa Yakpa, Yog Shakya, Tenzin Norbu, Ravi Shrestha, Karma Ghale, Santa Bahadur Tamang, Arjun Magar, Tenzin Norbu, Thepe Tamang, Maila Tamang, Santosh, Jit Bahadur Gurung, and Kancha Tamang.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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