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it's true of so many companies even today that downstairs from the glamorous world of the businessmen and women. resides the IT department, which is odd because the IT department is the one department keeping this company afloat But what keeps the IT department running? For that we need to go even further down stairs keep going one more now just below the furnace. Ah yes here we are IT storage. This is Nate our company's favorite storage administrator in other words he's undervalued and unappreciated. That’s because until recently Nate had no life, no fun, no future, he was just the guy responsible for keeping the entire enterprise on the go and growing which in the evolution of IT meant building rack up to rack of big iron to handle all the growth there was hardly any room left for poor Nate and all that big iron sucked lots of power and required endless backups and disruptive upgrades and then there were the surprises like that huge merger and its huge new storage needs now. Sorry Nate no party for you and what about all those shiny new devices that people upstairs want to bring to work aren't they such trend setters and all those devices holding all that sensitive company data and running at all hours that added up to a world of hurt for people like Nate. And of course a disaster could strike at any moment and take down the entire enterprise. Yes Nate was seen as a big drag on his company's bottom line and that made management mad at Nate which gave Nate a nervous tick and a touch of acid reflux. IT sure can be brutal but it doesn't have to be Nate NetApp can help take control with a portfolio of innovation products and strategies to deploy a seamless solution that's reliable efficient and always on it's a world where professional like you doesn't just support the enterprise Nate you are mapping out its future and enabling unbridled scalability a storage solution that contain the ferocity of a big data atmosphere in a flash and neutralize the relentless legions of security threats 24/7 366 What do you think hackers take the weekday off. You can be confident in the cloud Nate any cloud because NetApp will help you weave a seamless fabric between all of your virtualized environments Today Nate your not just building solutions your brokering it. And ascending from the basement to the boardroom To drive the success of the entire enterprise. Thats IT storage the NetApp way. Welcome to NetApp Insight 2013 portfolio of innovation

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