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Out On A Limb - Part 5/24 - 1986 - Shirley MacLaine

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I played Reno in Vegas with my live between visits to Gerry. Oh, my relationship with him became an obsession. I did begin to have fun with my disguises though. Some of them would have been rejected by a bag lady. If the Government continues with its xxxx and what it laughably calls its Housing Programme...... it will be in the people belowing the poverty line who will suffer.... and the numbers of these people has been increasing daily..... It's no secret that this Government has been insensitive to the needs of the ordinary working people of this country. So.. summation.....I maintain that the poverty of one individual encroaches upon the comfort of us all..... This Bill is a statement of right direction.... it may be unpopular, but innovation requires courage. We HAVE the courage! As I look to the right honorable members of the xxxx Mr. Chairman I see a hypocrite and a coward. Supporting this Bill requires compassion....he has half a heart. It takes intelligence.....he has half a brain it takes courage but he is only... half a man! So, how was your day? Typical. So, which??? know, I was there... Well, so how did I miss that disguise? So what did you think? Were you performing for me or do you... always act like that? Like what? you own the place, Gerry... You're acting like you were the Prime Minister already. You know....I know you're passionate about the Poor... were aggressive! Yes, I was. So tell me more... just seemed so...insensitive to your colleagues know, calling one of them "half a man" and stuff... Is that the way it works over here? Witched game, you see? It's half the fun of it. I love to make them square with their own inconsistencies ...otherwise, why am I in it? Ya.... but would you acted that way, if known that television cameras were recording you? Come on, you think I'm telling xxxx for television? It's what you saw from my approach from that point of view? No, I don't think that's the point... I were so combative with people you're trying to change it just seemed contradictory to me....that's all. I told you, I hate the hypocrisy! I hate the way they pussyfoot around from their lies. You're not a liar...'re not...."hypocritical".... What do you mean? I'm consistent with my political beliefs... I'll tell the truth even if it's damaging to me ...everybody knows that. There's a lot about you that people don't know... Like what? Come us! What's that got to do with politics? All right....what about those personal phone calls long distance that you make to me? What about them? Yes....who pays for the calls? Ahm....the Government phone No, who pays for the Government? What are you trying to say? call somebody who happens to be wealthy... half a man today and a hypocrite... see? Now what if that guy looked up your telephone log... ...and discovered that all those phone calls that you made to Las Vegas and to Reno and California and New York are to me? Would you tell the truth about that? Maybe, maybe's not important. Now who's the hypocrite here? What are you driving at? This is a personal matter. That's where I'm driving at. You seem to think you can separate your personal beliefs from your political values... but that's the kind of thinking that got the world where it is today. Wait! Now hold on there a moment! You've gone from a petty cash problem to... ...the destruction of civilization as we know it. What's really upsetting you? can't deal with the truth. The truth is that you can't deal with me being a married man, that's it, isn't it? Well, I am sick to death at sneaking around like we are... hiding away in some foreign apartment waiting for a few hours when we can be together... know, I feel like I'm living in a cage. You knew what you were getting knew I was married. What's so different now, hm?.... ...tell me, what's changed? You accused me of being aggressive and insensitive... what do you think you're doing to me? You were angry because you.... - I'm not angry!.. You are! You're angry because you're stuck in a relationship you can't control. I'm stuck? -Yes, and you spew out xxxhostility.... Stuck? You wanna see stuck? I can get up and walk out of here anytime I want to ...and I don't have to cover up my life while I'm sleeping around the back streets. You know something? So can I! Good night, Shirley! Thank you so much! Hi! I thought you came to London to see me. I did. So, where were you all night? Well, I went out after you left... Can't you find better things to do with your time? What do you mean? Where did you go? I called some friends and I went to "The White Elephant" ... we talked, then I went dancing with them at xxx Who did you dance with? Gerry... I'm leaving on the xxx noon? five to California... I was back in California to rehearse for my new tour... I hadn't talked to Gerry. I was definitely, positively and certainly not going to call him... Mr. Stamford's office. May I help you? Mr. Stamford in, please? No, he's on to the country; can I take the message? Oh! When do you expect him back? In two weeks. Where is he, exactly? Who shall I say is calling? Some 14 karat bimbo! Thanks! It was awful! I couldn't concentrate on my dance. Yet, at the same time, I was so glad I had my work to fall back on...

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Duration: 10 minutes and 11 seconds
Year: 1986
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Stan Margulies
Director: Robert Butler
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Out on a Limb was an autobiographical book written by Shirley MacLaine in 1983 and adapted for television in 1986. The ABC Television miniseries starred Shirley MacLaine (playing herself), John Heard as "David Manning", and Charles Dance as "Gerry Stamford ". It details MacLaine's journeys through new-age spirituality. We follow MacLaine from California to various locations including New York and Europe, culminating in a life-changing trip to the Andes mountains in Peru. Central characters include "David" who is, according to MacLaine herself, a composite character, "Gerry Stamford", a married man and member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, with whom MacLaine was having an affair, and real-life close friend and politician, Bella Abzug (played by Anne Jackson).

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