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So You Want to be an Entrepreneur

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This program is brought to you by McGill University. Please, visit us at: So you want to be an entrepreneur? Professor David M. Lank In this lecture, you are going to hear from David Lank, who is the director of the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies. It's one of the jewels in the Desautels Faculty Crown. Professor Lank was the founder and is currently the chair of Helix Investments, one of the true pioneers of venture capital, here in Canada. Over the past forty or more years, Helix has funded and founded almost 150 companies. As a practitioner, therefore, David brings a huge wealth of experience to the classroom. One of the anonymous student evaluations that he got says it all. And, I quote: "Professor Lank is a really really really nice old guy." It's a delight to introduce the really nice old guy who will be your lecturer this evening and your host for the rest of the series David Lank. Thank you. He's.. Dick is such a nice young man. We've heard it said countless times. You can't teach somebody to be an entrepreneur You're born with it. The problem is the word "teach." No. I can't teach you to be an entrepreneur. But, what I can do, I hope, is to open your mind to some of the possibilities that might make you very tempted to become an entrepreneur. And, under the right set of circumstances,I think that it's not beyond anybody's grasp or anybody's reach. It is terrific fun. And, as Dick has indicated, we started over a 150 companies. And, the vast majority of them, of course, went like this; but when they went bankrupt, at least they didn't just go bankrupt. They were like the Benson and Hedges fireworks display. And, we have the dubious distinction of having made more case studies in the Harvard case thing of things that couldn't go wrong and did, than any other venture capital company in Canada.

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So You Want to be an Entrepreneur

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