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What does your face say

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Hi I am Michal Berg, and today I want to speak about our facial expression and how that effects our communication with our children. You know, if we would film ourselves throughout the day from the morning to night interacting with our kids, and just looking at our faces, focusing on our faces, we would be so surprised by what we see. We do not realize how throughout the day when our kids talk to us or our kids ask us questions, how distracted we are and how our face is saying total different things than what we think we are projecting. I cannot tell you how many times me kids used to ask me: "Are you okay?" And I say: "Yeah, of course, I am okay". Because when they talked to me, I was in a different place. I was thinking about something about work, I was thinking about something that I need to do, I was thinking about whatever, the news. And they are like: "Are you okay?" And I am like: "Yeah, yeah, I am okay. I am fine". So there is a real benefit to be aware of our face expression when we speak to our kids. And especially when they are younger too, because they might translate our faces to a different massage than we want them to. So when my kid asks me a question or is telling me something, the first important thing to do is to really stop looking at the phone, stop washing the dishes or whatever we do and actually look at them, look at them. And if we even can have a little smile on our face, that would even be better. And really listen to them. And if I want to communicate something, even when I am, let's say, no so satisfied or happy with something they did, how harsh my face is? How much anger they see on my face? And the opposite, when I am happy with them and really glad about something they did, how much do I express that? So some of us are more animated than others, and some of us do probably a better job than others, but just to be aware of that when I talk to my child, my face sends a very strong message. And what message I want it to be? So let's try first really look at them, have an eye contact, and then really express the happiness, the love that I feel for them. I can actually feel great love toward my child and not show it in my face. Or if I am angry, how angry and criticizing and how judging do I look? Do I really want to give all that impression or maybe I need to moderate it a little bit? So let's pay attention to our faces. What message are we sending our children? Thank you.

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