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SamiAwad_Where is the Salt?

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global oneness project Where is the Salt? Leadership is very important and leadership that is fully committed to non-violence, committed to creating that transformation in society Sami Awad Bethlehem, Palestine Founder and Director, The Holy Land Trust that is able to inspire thousands of people around becomes a key component for such movements to take place. As important as leadership is, it is also to have a very clear and very strong and very encompassing strategy of engaging in actions and activities as well. So you could have leaders that talk about the dream, you could have leaders that talk about the future, that are inspirational public speakers, but if they are not able to present a plan, an action of how to mobilize people and what steps people need to take, in order to move this thing forward, then these leaders will be as good as any individual else that lives in this world. This is why for me, when people ask me for example, where is the Gandhi of Palestine? I say this is important to talk about the Gandhi of Palestine, but as important, if not more important the question should be What is the salt in Palestine? What is that one act like Gandhi did in the salt march, what is that one act that once we set it and recognize it and build a strategy for it, can be so inspiring to hundreds and thousands of Palestinians to say we want to be part of this. We want to get out of this feeling of hopelessness, of resignation, and say this is what we want. And you need leaders of course to say that, but at the same time, you need that salt. You need that Montgomery bus that we still did not find here in Palestine that will be that inspiration for everyone else.

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Posted by: global on Aug 11, 2008

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