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My little brother from moon I remember when my little brother was born, he did nothing but eat. He ate lots and lots. He also cried lots and lots. But he did not annoy a lot. Now my little brother is bigger. But he doesn't move much. He says nothing. Sometimes I'd like to make him laugh. But he doesn't laugh. It is as if he doesn't see. As if he doesn't hear me. My little brother. It is always my mom... He is quiet.. except for the times that mom is vacuuming, when she is cooking something, when we drive through a tunnel or when we sing Happy Birthday. When we have guests he doesn't like. When we cut his nails, when we applaud and when we want to cut his hair, then he gets very angry. ...and that is not funny. My dad and mom have to cut his hair while he is sleeping. Very carefully. He goes to the kindergarden, but he doesn't play with other children. He stares up... usual. When we walk, the gentlemen and the ladies look at him a lot too. And then, some times, my brother makes bizarre movements. He moves his arms, as if to fly. Some people are afraid of that, they think it's a transmitted disease. I give him jewellery. He likes jewellery because they shine. But he doesn't touch them. Maybe a tiny little. With the tip of his finger. He has already been to many doctors. Specialists. Lots and lots. He still does. My dad and mom say he is not as everyone else. He is a little strange, so I am very concerned with this little brother. This little brother who always looks at the sky. Even when we go shopping! Even in the car, he looks at the sky! My little brother was born here like everyone else, but he is also from the moon. Of course, he aimes what shines, like the moon He likes round things that look like the moon, like the manholes. He always tries to go inside manholes And when we don't want him to we must put our foor on top so he doesn't see it, and hop, he continues his journey. He also likes to climb the stairs But he doesn't stop, he climbs, he climbs... My little brother is a prince but a prince-conductor. Me, I'd like to be a fairy so I could send him a spell, so he could come back hier than be on the moon. So I would give him my hand to come with me. We play the game of the hat, I wear a hat and he loughs and then, and then we run. So then we are together! And that is great!

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Duration: 5 minutes and 56 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Director: Frédéric Philibert
Views: 2,489
Posted by: belgabirdo on Oct 27, 2009

La voix off d'une petite fille raconte de façon claire, joyeuse et poétique tout ce que l'on voit dans les animations, c'-est-à-dire, les comportements du petit frère autistique.
A voce fuori campo di una bambina descrive in modo chiaro, allegro e poetico quanto si vede nelle animazioni, cioé i comportamenti del fratellino autistico.

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