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¿Qué opinan los famosos de la Eólica?

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Environment wind new source important energy clean and renewable is non-polluting Wind Energy I know about the wind! ... We'll see nooo! I am Galician in Galicia have a lot of wind the first thing that comes is Tarifa, Cadiz and mills and these mills are so great with these blades so huge ... Used the wind to generate and store that energy movement is a clean energy and I think that should be enhanced and help ... Better, of course, out of non-renewable polluting and also will end ... Plus we are world leaders in Spain there are plenty stations dotted throughout the country always good clean, renewable, and does not damage the environment much generates many jobs until I have a friend who is dedicated to the maintenance of the mills, which to me you're telling our biodiversity is the best there is very important for nature above all, because it is contaminated and clean energy gives a different touch to the landscape seems to me the mills, not only do not seem ugly but I look very beautiful mills We should bet more for everything that does not pollute I think yes, it is also something we must do, we should be pioneers taking, taking the wind we have in Spain and leave the brick, and bet on things that give people jobs if we investigate a bit more in the future would save lots of money and the country which daisy bloom for our children, for health, for everything in general, economics everything is clean, it does not pollute the planet, not destroy always we agree windmills, what more Spanish than the windmill clean energy, I think it will have to bet is to look after the planet as possible any energy that does not pollute and does not create waste is an investment that must be bet apart from the pollution, because oil is running out We have wind, or that perfect and Spain is betting a lot of wind, I think we are one of the first countries in investment if you are world leaders is being wagered good and big, then of course I do something that is healthy and clean should always be supported we are not affecting anything, my bet is always for a better world the planet we leave to our children certainly depends on us GOOD! Sorry? that's it, is ... pleasure thank you very much

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Posted by: esquilococos on Aug 28, 2011

Algunas opiniones de personajes famosos españoles sobre la Energía Eólica?

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