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Jose Luis Orihuela sobre

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Traditionally, always that a technology innovation has occured on the communication sector that has been adapted by society, that is not just because the industry sector promotes it, but also because society has adopted that technology, this critic or apocalyptic discourse appears, when something is born it kills the previous existence Historically, on the communication sector the substitution of a technology for another has, practically, never occured It has always been an adaptation process of identity definition of the old medium and search of the own narrative identity of the new medium whose first content was the reproduction of the previous medium Better than talking about "new" bringing systematically a crisis or threat to the previous or the old I rather analyse how each innovation, that is finally adopted by society, produces, on one hand changes regarding previous media and on the other it demands the rediscovery or discovery of its own narrative identity. Third point is the way culture changes because that is what media really produces. But I do not believe in the sentence "this kills the other" happens even in regard to the digital media themselves Is Twitter going to finish the blogs and the social nets? are they going to finish Twitter and the blogs? What we have is an adaptation process a process of much more rich synergies ... than the simple discourse "this kills that" The future of information, I think, without doubt is digital, and that does not mean it is death to analogue communication ways. The analogue media are reinventing and redefining long time ago The emergency of digital and the environment of the tremendous economic crisis where we are in, urges the necessity of analogue media being revised and reinvented. But we are right in front of the immediate disappearance of analogue media not even in a medium term. And of its permanent reinvention. . .

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Posted by: cibersociedad on Jul 23, 2009

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