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[rocket boom] [Sounds of mosquito] [Narrator speaking] We all know the sound of these small night devils who come to suck your precious life blood. Apart from a sleepless night, they can even make you sick. In many parts of the world, people suffer from the malaria you can get after being bitten. For example in Kenya, where still many people die of it. However, according to the World Health Organization, the malaria death cases here went down from 34,000 in 2005 to 16,000 in 2006. These free bed nets provided by the government contributed to that. But there is another thing that also proves successful, and it involves another type of devil. Imagine you are living a rural life, in this quite beautiful area in Kenya, and then these guys come in telling you they can protect your children from that killing malaria. Well it took the team some time. George Mironga The reaction was not all that good, because some of the families that were going were even scared of the dogs! They were running away. They are even to small kids. [Narrator speaking] The 25 team members were from this health post in Kiogoro. The older beauty of these hills hides the high malaria prevalence. The frequent rainfall here creates a heaven for malaria mosquitoes. They spread the disease by injecting people with a parasite. Once in the human body, it starts to attack red blood cells. Patients suffer from tremors, headache, and fever. And not treated in time, it can lead to death. [Sounds of pumping and people talking] The sprayers here do their daily routine. They use a mix of water, with the insecticide pyrethrum. The teams go around with pressured tanks, to disparse the solution. It's simple -- the people have to vacate the house for some hours, and meanwhile a team member enters. [Sounds of spraying] Within 5 minutes, the walls are sprayed. In this division, more than 7,000 houses were treated. And this 49 year old mother of 8 says this method proves successful. Since the spray I never heard mosquitoes when passing through the house. Esther Bonari Even the insecticide has helped me against cock roaches. The malaria has come down since the spraying. [Narrator speaking] All health posts in the district registered a sharp decrease in the number of malaria cases. Treat your loved ones for malaria with AL It was reduced according to the census that we did the other day. Tom Otieno, Public Health Officer, Kiogoro We have reduced it to 6%. <<To 6%? <<Yeah. <<Coming from? From -- it was high -- from 90. [Narrator speaking] The campaign of spraying houses will continue in the next coming years, until all the 20,000 houses are treated. So if you ever bump into one of these guys, there is nothing to fear. Ruud Elmendorp, Kiogoro, Kenya

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