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Ian Xel Lungold 1: Mayan Calender and 2012 and Ascension and The END of TIME

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Desteni Presents: Interdimensional Portal Interview: Lan Xel Lungold - Interview 1 This is Ian Lungold, and i've Interestingly Enough been Requested to Speak Regarding - the Mayan Calender and..i've got Some Very Fascinating Insights on the Origin of the Mayan Calender - how it was Designed? how it was Created? how it was Placed and - Why? So let's Go Back - to the Beginning the Design of the Mayan Calender: is Magnificent and it was Done in the Following Way: During the Design of the Mayan Calender - During a Meditation Process, Beings had the ability - on Earth - to place the Universe, This Universe, the World, the universe, where the Stars, the Planets, Earth.. and All human beings who Currently Inhabited this Galaxy, in it's Totality - Right Before them Present Time! they were Able to Speed it up to Future Slow it even down - in terms all the Events that has Taken Place- and even Live into the Past So, what they Did, with the Design and the Creation of the Mayan Calender was the Following: I Called it Meditation - I Referred to it as Meditation but it is a State of Presence that was Experienced a State of.. Quantum Presence So, the Beings would sit, and they'd place Existence in Front of them - Present Time what they Did was they Placed the Center Point in Existence - - in this Existence Before them - They Placed the Center Point - that Center Point that Connect All Stars to All human beings Currently on Earth So Each and Every Single Star, was Connected to Each and Every Single human being that was Currently on Earth, when they Forwarded..let's say Forwarded and..Stretched the Current Present Expression of Existence with All human beings Inhabiting it into the Future - Every Single Child that was Born, was Connected to a Star and so it Continued Now - from that Point: the Connections of the Stars - in this Specific Galaxy or Existence - Ended at 2012 but also taking into Consideration 2025 ..but to that I will come through - Later it was Actually 2025, that the Amount of Each and Every Single Child being born Connected to a Star - Ended the Reason it is 2012 at the Moment is because of Humanity They devised a Timeline from This Incorporating Geometry, Incorporating Mathematics Incorporating Astrology, Incorporating Symbolism..and many more Aspects but those are the Four Primary that I'll be Communicating about - where do I continue - it is [smirks]..there's so Much okay, so that's what They did: Placing Existence before them - Present Time - human beings Inhabiting it right now, Connecting all the human beings to the Stars, having a Centralized Point from Here - Pushing Existence Fast Forwarding it to the Future and Each time, a child is Born - was Connected to a Star Right What did the minds Realize in being able to "predict" the "End of Time" at 2025 ? That Existence - the Universe, the Planet, Human beings - Are a Programmed Design a Part of and One with a Programmed Creation Design and that All Together in Existence - is Part of this Programmed Design, which Had a Beginning and an End - at 2025 but what Has a Beginning and an End - is a Program, is a System that is Programmed and that is Why a Beginning and an End is Able to be Depicted, is Able to be..Equated by Using Astrology, by Using Equations, Mathematics, Symbols..etc. how Else? This makes one wonder: If the minds in that time already was able to Predict the End of "Time" - What is Going On? Why are we Here? What are we Doing Here? What is Going On Here? and it's been Precise - So they could precisely - from that Time, Fast Forward to the Future and See Everything Occur- till Up to 2025 but Something Changed That 'Something Changed' has got to do with 2012 and this I will continue in my Part Two Section Thank you More Messages from the Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Joseph Barber, Karl Marx, Rudolf Hess CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Mayan Calender and 2012 and Ascension and The END of TIME
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