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The 3 Newton Laws

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Here we have three spheres on the table in a state of rest. Gravity is pulling the spheres down. Is countered by the force of the table top pushing the spheres up in the exact opposite direction. The balance of forces is what keeps the spheres at rest on the table. This sphere, who acts an unbalanced external force without another force uncounter is moving in the opposite direction it becomes unbalanced force acting on the other spheres. The external force collides with the spheres and changes their motion state. When an unbalanced force acts upon an object, the motion of the object changes. The rate of this change over time is called acceleration. The acceleration depends upon two variables: the mass of the object and the magnitude of the applied force. In this example, the 3D character represents a pulling force on a 50 kg mass. Using his full strength he has no trouble accelerating the object in the direction of his pulling force. If the mass is doubled, and we want to accelerate it at the same rate, we must also double the force. Our character however, is already pulling at his full strength. So, what happens? He can only accelerate the object at half of rate as illustrated by his slower pace. This relationship between force, mass and acceleration is the source of one of the most important equations in physics: Force equals mass times acceleration. A direct example of the third law is the rocket engine. Look at the hot gases streaming out of the shuttle engines. If this is the action, what is the equal (and opposite ) reaction? It becomes clear: as the shuttle is propelled into the sky. The reaction to the gases escaping from the engine is the pushing of the spacecraft in the opposite direction. Everywhere you look, these laws are being followed by everything around you. With some extra awareness you may begin to recognise your own use of these laws in your daily life.

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The 3 Newton Laws subtitled in English.

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