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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India (Global Lives Project, 2008)

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My Father came from Tamil Nadu, My mother from village Kadirampur. They got married and lived separately (from their extended families). I was born to them. People belonging to my father's side are very rich people People belonging to my mother's side are also rich people But we are in the middle because we got separated from them all. When I was a 6 years young boy I went to study in the primary school in the village And...I was studying for 6 years until I was 12. I was studying. And afterwards, my mind was not interested in education So I didn't like school that time. And afterwards I came to Hampi. Two years I was working in one of the guest house And monthly I was getting 400 Rupees salary They were giving food, clothes, everything. Monthly 400 I used to give to parents I was regularly bringing customers to the guest house. Just drop them there And.. i was inside the rooms cleaning the rooms. Looking after the rooms. Once I had a problem with the guest house owner. So because of that I left the guest house and I was selling post cards. Few years. Again two years I was selling post cards. After two years I used my own talent. To speak languages and to earn a lot of money. English, Tamil, Kannda and Hindi also I speak. Also I speak a 80% percent French, 30% Italian, 30% Spanish and 10% German. I learned speaking English from tourists and not from school. I have got nice Italian friends They wanted to get married in the Indian style so I helped them get married in that way. And they asked me "Did you study English ?" And I said, I didn't study and when I was in school I studied only Indian classes not English classes. And in the school they didn't teach English at that time. After the 7th grade, they used to teach English. 6 years before. And for 3 months, 10,500 rupees because of me they paid one of the teacher I...for 3 months went to school It's in middle of the season, but I didn't care about season that time Because I wanted to study something. When I study, for future it was good, I think and I went. Now I read little bit and write little bit. When I was young also.. when I was beginning to sell post cards So my tongue it was moving very fast. When you get older you can't move your tongue to speak any language to learn. In Hampi there is 'Rama Guest House' and I sleep there. Weekly once I go to sell post the Malaivantha Temple And on Wednesday, one of the company groups come from Goa. They are Russian people. So I go to sell. And couple of words I speak in Russian, so they buy from me. And I look for customer. I look after the customer very nicely. They have to be here... First I will catch them to bring them to the room. Give them a 1 hour break and I wait for them downstairs. After they come down I ask them about two trips If they interested in my price, they can come with me. And if they are not interested I tell them "See You Later" Some people they want to see sunrise also. So I come to wake them up in the morning. This is the day trip I do. I will take them for the two trips...monuments, everything. By walking, as they want. If they are in budget problems, then we walk. If they want to spend money I take them by Rickshaw or Bike. And also evening time they go for sunset with me. Because of some people in Hampi, sometimes I get good customers. But, some people in Hampi are very very jealous of me. Some people like me. And some people don't like me. I don't know how to make them like me. I like selling more post cards. Earn lot of money. I was earning lots of money. By earning this money, I made small house. Because I had small house like huts. These huts were getting destroyed as with rains, water used to enter it. Because of that I made half money and my father made half money and with both of our money, we made a nice house before my sister got married. So last year we made it - the house. And my sister got married and we earned. For gold we earned from when I was 12 years, I earned lot of money for my sister. So she got married and she went with her husband. So now I am the king of my home. So I can do whatever I want. I can earn lots so I can save my money to buy my new Rickshaw. After that, I just go back to the gate...the top gate. Because that's the main gate. Regularly if tourist want to come, that's the way they come. So I'll be there waiting for a new customer again.

Video Details

Duration: 6 minutes and 34 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
Views: 1,006
Posted by: globallivesindia on Sep 2, 2009

This is a six minute short version of the 24 hour Global Lives Project shoot featuring snippets from the life of Muttu Kumar, living in Hampi, Karnataka, India.

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