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The Sky Is Pink

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THE SKY IS PINK Governor Andrew Cuomo has stated that he will let science, not emotion, guide his decision on whether or not to let the gas industry frack in New York state. With the gas bearing Marcellus Shale formation underlying 50% of the state, and with the gas industry proposing upwards of 100.000 gas-wells, his decision could fundamentally transform New York. Please welcome Tom Ridge! You are the former governor of the great state of Pennsylvania the keys downstate, first secretary of homeland security, now you’re a lobbyist for the natural gas industry. We have all seen the footage of flaming water. Wow! Is that really happening to people’s water supply Sir? Now, here is the rock, we’re looking in a cross-section of a well that’s being drilled and ultimately you want your gas to come up the steel pipe. That inch, right there, this is cement. And what you don’t want is for that cement to fail, or to be absent, to crack, to corrode, to crumble, to disappear, cause if what’s down there can get into this annulus, ... then it can migrate. Yes, it is happening to some water supplies and it has absolutely nothing to do with hydraulic fracking . Methane gas is naturally occurring, they’ve had methane gas, I’m speaking as a governor, in some of our water wells in Pennsylvania long before any wells, frack wells, were located next to them. Those are phenomena that are very well known, for as long as we’ve been drilling wells and casing them. Naturally occurring methane gas often ends up in water wells, but there has not been a single proofing instance where it has been related to hydraulic fracking. So now, the shallow gas goes into an open annulus, pressurizes the annulus, gas migrates into an underground source of drinking water. Somebody’s water well. ... Gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing is an inherently contaminating industrial process that injects millions of gallons of water laced with toxic chemicals, at enormous pressure to break apart rock and release gas from underground formations. Water sheds across the nation have been contaminated with plastics, carcinogens, neurotoxins, and endocrine disrupting chemicals and with explosive natural gas. It causes massive land scarring, air pollution, a public health crisis, truck traffic, miles and miles of pipelines, blowouts, spills, accidents... it is a whole scale

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Duration: 18 minutes and 30 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Director: Josh Fox
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Posted by: multivack on Dec 20, 2012

Josh Fox speaks about how industries and their lobbysts try to conceive and undermine scientific data about fracking and shale gas.

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