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There is a Block

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There's a block he is teaching us that what is the block? It's a total illusion. It's that 'stop over there, stop for a minute, and you know why the illusion came? And you want to have a start over again what are you supposed to do? What are you supposed to do? Ask for more stoppage. But that's not what the patient does. Of course, he wants a REFUA (healing) that's the block. He wants more refua! That's the block! You can't block out the light! But the minute you do not say: "Stay away", the light says "I can't come, you once told me in the Tzimtzum (contraction), Tzimtzum takes over and says 'wait a second, as long as you keep saying give me, give me, give me, I have a command - the original Tzimtzum', Oh, I'll give you a little, Boom! Another shock, another shock, and another shock. Because every time the patient says 'Give me more refua', does it come, or doesn't it come? It DOES come. It DOES come. It never stops coming, sit down for a minute and think out your whole vacation, will you get the pleasure of the vacation? Can you sit for a minute and think about your trip all-over-the-world, will you find pleasure? And that was the fact that you just want to think about it, you've gotten it? You didn't have to go there even. Don't get frightened, I'm still gonna let you go. But, do you get it? You do get it, Because the satisfaction, the Or (light), never stops! There's only one time he stops when you say "give me more" Why does he stop? When you say "give me more". (audience) The original tzimtzum. That's right, that's what takes over. When a person takes a bitter pill, right? It's bitter, That's masach (veil). Why? He's going through an uncomfortable stage, but he also says "this bitter pill will make me feel better", is that right? When you have that, you see, when you can go through the uncomfortable situation, take a bitter pill and at the same time - That will help him. But if that pill is sweet tasting and so on... 'Ah, now give me all the temporary relief'...

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There is a Block

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