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Mariana-Brazil P1

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Have you ever travelled to America or seen an American movie? I've never been to the U.S. but most of the movies I watch are American. What’s the greatest thing about America? From my point of view, the greatest thing about America are the excellent schools and universities like MIT, Harvard, etc. Here in Brazil, these academic opportunities are the biggest reason why people move to America. What’s the worst thing about America? For me, the worst thing about the United States is that sometimes it doesn’t feel welcoming or open to people from other countries. For example, it is extremely difficult for an international student to get financial aid in many schools. Also, many institutions limit their internship opportunities to American citizens, like NASA. How do you view Americans? Why do you think they’re like that? I had very different experiences with Americans, so it's difficult to express only one point of view. I’ve had Americans tell me they thought Brazilians spoke Spanish even an admissions officer from Vanderbilt University, but I’ve also people from the U.S. who really appreciated the Brazilian culture and even knew some words in Portuguese. Most people I’ve met, however, fit into that second category. into that second category. I believe that Americans are becoming progressively less xenophobic, but I hope that won't change with Trump. I think they might be like that because the US has been involved in many international conflicts, causing some sort of “fear” or “apprehension.” How do you view the different regions of America: north east, south, mid-west, and west? The most remarkable region of America for me and most of my friends who aren't American is the south because of the southern accent everybody tries to reproduce. When I think about the northeast, I instantly think about education because many of the best schools and universities are located there. The mid-west makes me think of tornadoes even though I’m not sure if it is the most tornado-prone region. And, when I think about the west, I only think of California and Hawaii. Do you like America? Why or why not? Yes, I do like America. Mostly because I see it as a place of

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Mariana-Brazil P1

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