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Making Sense of Islamic Finance

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Setting the tone on the 10th IFSB Summit in 2013, right here in the capital the capital city of Kuala Lumpur are notable speakers whose main agenda is to promote and create awareness about Islamic Finance and why it makes sense. Well I don't entirely agree because some western countries are starting to be engaged in Islamic finance but they are engaged in their really for two reasons, one is that they see it is good business which is an excellent reason to participate in it the second reason is post crisis post global financial crisis that is many western countries are looking at alternative options in other words they may not be a muslim country but they understand that Islamic finance has had significant financial stability during the time of crisis and they want to understand why and how that occurs so i don't entirely agree with your statement that that that they're empty i think they're actually want to be either neutral or pro but we have a responsibility to explain our value proposition and how the model would work. why did islamic finance single-minded used wise for the u_s_ which is the one superpower and financial markets this was created by a speaker add as being nicolas keys there the u_s_ markets uh... well defined as really hasn't caught on much we've had the number of banks that have been in the business water and it misses it's in the take some time that can be forced on the u_s_ market it's it's gone the sites wycoff awareness islamic world war two all fear of islam is also one of the many challenges base by the industry adult secures knows much about islamic finance the really does communists and learn from the market in the u_s_ we're not evangelical we give some education to muslims in the u_s_ global market i don't think that that u_s_ market is really to know a lot about it inform which seeks to dispel the misconception that this financial system is solely based on the east hopeful in actual fact it's not is universal for all however planning carnage but the media is now beginning to open up and beginning to get the engaged in debates and understanding but i think it's incumbent on the islamic finance industry and its representatives to engage with the media and to explain i was at a conference last year where a non-muslim uh... branding explicit mentioned that uh... in answer to a question which came from floor how old do we get more people wearing cation islamic finance in his own so walt's get hollywood on your side which basically meant get the movies and get the media understanding the issues and presenting islam in islamic finance and positive light rather than intellect negative light hahaha

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A special report on Islamic Finance

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