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... ... ... ... .... .... ... ... I can tell you that our family moved there when there were no camps. We came there from a different region. So, when I went to school at that time those camps were completely gone. It was an ordinary school, though the population remained quite varied. Those who were decendants of the people who went through those camps were still there. It was a very international environment in our village. There were many educated people especilally among geologists. The people with high university degrees, there were many of that kind. So that's why the population was, how do say, there were many educated people and there were people who had of some foreign origin. Well, for example when I was at elementary school it was 1962 and around, it was my first year at school, those times in our schools, particularly in my group, there were children who were Germans, Finns. There was a girl who was Bulgarian. In other school groups there were Checks. They were half Checks and half Yakuts. For example a family name woould be Oks. In a different parallel group there was a girld whose surname was Obukhovich, she was Polish. There were surnames like Klimavichute, Nikolauskaite. Those were the Baltic names. All of them studied with us. We all spoke Russian. We all were friends and at that time we didn't speak about [capms]. We never asked each other of anything like that and even we didn't have a slightest idea in our heads because the adults didn't talke about it either. It was prohibited to talk about such things. We grew up in a Soviet environment with all that pioneering and camping, we studied together, we played together... And we didn't have any idea and we didn't ask each other about our parents and their lives, etc. So, we were friends In my class there were many Ukranians, Belorussians. There was a boy as I told you, he was half German and half Finnish. But nobody spoke about their parents' past history, that's why we lived from day to day. All about studying, playing and sports. We were all in for sports of different kind and camping, etc. That was our life then. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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