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French Revolution I

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Passengers for Paris, all aboard! Passengers for Paris All the horses are ready. Please sir, we are leaving. Oh, there's far too many people. I think that we gotta squeeze in tighter a bit. Ah, hold it! Be careful! Not so much. Back up pushing me! What's the matter?! Ah, rubbing on where I can. Louis XVI acknowledged his inability to deal with the rampant economic crisis. That with bankrupcy ends some of the state's general for the 5th of May 1789. This was the first time in 175 years, and from all parts of France the delegates came to the capital. Hello, my good friends! Hello, how are you? July 12th, 1789, the king gathered his troups around Paris. He had just dismissed Necker and a grim rumour spread. Patriots would be executed. Paris roamed. Believe me, my reckoning is near. The kings gathers his troups. There'll another battle on the streets of Paris. To arms, to arms! TO ARMS! TO ARMS! No one will accept this! Enough's enough! People will fight back! Bread! We want some bread! Open up the doors! Open and feed us! Open up! You hear? We should get some bread, and some bread! Give us some bread! Come on, open up! I'm afraid it can only get worse now... Wait! But yet, I'm sure it's the base for our friends' lib. Come on! What's the hurry? Where's the fire? I wanna watch my mum's day Freedom! The people! Let them give us bread or we'll take it by ourselves! Knock down the door! Eh, not so fast, look over there! So what?! The guard is with us! The guard is with us! Hurray! We're all on the same side together! Yes, we're all together, don't be afraid of us! We're with you! Gerard, would you tell me, if you don't mind, where your father could be? I think they were all called away and I think they were on some kind of mission. Oh, we know what kind of mission... probably to a café and I suppose they want to remake the world drinking a little bottle of red wine And you, maestro, I'd like to know what good work you've been up to today Ah, well, today... The State's General have been occupied by the soldiers of the king Evacuate the place, orders of the king! We're all here by special request of the people. We shall not move unless we're forced to! And then we got ouselves the National Assembly. And it was then we drew up our Constitution! And we won't pay taxes any more that we haven't passed by vote And we are going to form a good militia Yeahhhh And then we'll get all our arms... at the Invalid ...or maybe at the Bastille To the Bastille! Pierre... eh, hey, where are you? Answer me Pierre, ehhh! Look at the Bastille! It's burnt! They're taking the Bastille without me! Oh, no... Follow me! This is no time to weaken! Let's go now and pull the door! Bravo, bravo, mamma! Go on, go on, that's it! The guard is pulling the door, it's pulling them now! It's unlocked! It's unlocked! Lead in! Victory! Victory! And so you see, papa, talking about skill, it wasn't too difficult Yes, I saw, very good And the very next day... Get on! Go do it. Knock all this stuff down for me! I'm gonna show how to do it, look. There now, ha, ha ha. Hey you there, let's not crack it! What are you trying to do? Well, you see, we're trying to demolish it and BANG! Down with the oppressors of the people! How would you like to buy a reminder of the bloodshed, and a visit to the dungeons and a cannon ball for one penny, and for two pennies... NO! Come and join us! Come and see my rosette. Bread! We want bread! Open the door! Don't stay there, my boy, come with me to the town hall. What a crowd! Unbelievable! Come on, climb on my shoulders Tell me all that you see Yes, the head of the national guard is putting a rosette on the king From that day on, they would be the colours of the French flag. That was the night of the 4th of August That would be the Declaration of Rights of Men and Citizen The principles of 89 assure liberty for each person of opinion, of speech, of the press, equality in taxation Justice was free of charge, the nation was sovereign. What about duties? Were there only rights for the citizen? And what about the women? What about us? It looks like we are here for the amusement of the men and to wipe up the blood and to stand in line for bread at the baker's! You will give us what we demand, the Declaration of the Rights of Women as good citizens! The king has been acclaimed by the officers of a Flamish regiment They have refused to accept the strike of the nation. We must put a stop to that! Come on! We want bread! We want bread! Hey, you two, come with us to get the bread! Now, onwards! On we go! And now, my brave ones, you can go home to make some good bread Is there flour there? And we're rejoicing our journey to my capital to receive all the signs of your respect and love and fidelity of its inhabitants and I sign, Louis XVI, king of Frenchmen. And so... was that the end of the revolution? Yes, the revolution could have ended there The gains were considerable But the king, out of tune with the times, preferred to run off The 20th of June, 1791, recognised at Varennes, he was forced to return The Revolution is well, let the nation be restored to its happy state The king also swore to apply the Constitution, as he swore to do one year before that But something was still wrong, the king had too often played with the feelings of the nation

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Animated video with historic facts.

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