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Enjoying eBooks

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[AARP—Real Possibilities] In this lesson, we will learn how to find and enjoy electronic books. Why would you want to read electronic books and magazines? Among the reasons people love eBooks are... you can take as many books or magazines as you like on trips when you load them on an eReader. Take them to the beach, on a plane, read indoors or outdoors. You can same money, you can mark your favorite parts, you can customize your device for your needs. There are different devices that will support reading. Some connect to Wi-Fi. Some devices need to connect to your computer in order to download eBooks. There are devices specifically for reading. Tablets that have multiple purposes, such as browsing the Internet or checking e-mail, and some people even read on their smartphones. Many libraries carry different devices you can try. To use a tablet or smartphone to read, you use an app. There are many apps that allow you to access books regardless of the device you are using, while some services will only allow you to access it on a certain device. Most resources allow you to download on more than one device. There are an abundance of resources to help you find and enjoy eBooks. Some of the most versatile eBook sources are Amazon, Kobo, B&N, or Google Play Store. You can get recommendations from a community at You can find and download free eBooks from See Project Gutenberg for the free classics at Borrow eBooks from your local library. You can search for free eBooks online. As an example, search for "epub", the type of book that you are looking for, and free books—here, we've typed "epub romance free" to find a few results. There are subscriptions that will find and send you eBook offers, such as provides a monthly subscription for unlimited access to thousands of eBooks. There are a number of eBook options for reading to and with children. Let's look at a few—Narrate and share children's books with Read books with children in video chats on laptops with Read books with children in video chats on tablets with The AARP Bookstore includes all major booksellers and the AARP bookstore also has technology titles. [Technology, Education, Knowledge] [AARP—Real Possibilities]

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Learn how to find and enjoy electronic books.

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