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MyKabbalah Lesson 6 mission 3 Engsmall

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Bread of Shame As promised, I took you on a journey to find out why did we choose to live in this amazing, endless world, where the Light was constantly sharing with us and we were constantly receiving endlessly joy and fulfillment. It doesn't sound normal. Why would we choose to leave that Endless World To leave that perfect Garden of Eden and to come to this world, to this physical reality, where we have to constantly look for the Light. Imagine this, Kabbalah teaches that as the Light shared, with the vessel, it also shared it's DNA. Imagine parents who create a child. The child receives the DNA of the parents. In the same way, the exact same way, the vessel received the spiritual DNA of the Light. What is the DNA of the Light? We learned that already. The Light's nature is to share, to impart, to give. This is exactly what was injected now into the vessel. The vessel was created to receive. But in the vessel, we find the DNA. the gene that wants to share, that wants to impart. The only thing the vessel could not do in the Endless World was to share. That's the reason we chose to leave that perfect state, that Garden of Eden and come to this physical reality. Imagine Michael Jordan who has a huge talent to play basketball. You never give him a ball in his hands. This Michael Jordan would never learn to play basketball and would never be able to express his gift, his talent. This is exactly how we felt in the Endless World. On the one hand, we felt total fulfillment because the Light fulfilled all of us. It fulfilled us endlessly. But one aspect could not be fulfilled by the Light. That aspect is our ability to share. This is the reason we chose to say no to the Light. That reality where the vessel received and the Light just shares, And seemingly this perfect circuitry of energy But the vessel is not capable of sharing, of giving, of earning. That energy that it receives, that phenomena we call Bread of Shame Again, this is not to be taken literally. It has nothing to do with Bread nor does it have anything to do with shame. It's a Kabbalistic concept that explains this reality, where we are receiving without earning this fulfillment.

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