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Oh well, here we are Michael - it's May the 3rd 2010 We have a season in front of us, the rape is yellow outside bursting with energy and waiting for the first formation. The fields are screaming to give us our first formation. We're happy, we're happy. We are really exited actually to be announcing that we are launching a new website It' an all new website, it's gonna give you video blogs of the latest formations. on the ground and from the air we are very exited about what we are going to do with this project aren't we? It's thrilling, I think the delight for me is that being here... is a real excitement because the immediacy of the new formation and we're trying to communicate that immediacy we're trying to communicate the exitement of the trajectory of the unfolding annual program of crop circles we'll be showing shots of the fields inside the formations, arial shots and we'll be having a series of comments on each of the formations after the event. Absolutely. A weekly roundup in fact, of what's been taken place in the week with analysis, geometrical analysis that Michael or other researchers may have established we'll do interviews with other leading researchers from around the world when they come over. One of the other things we are exited about as well a lot of information which we feel that a lot of people would like to know about about the crop circles, ancillary research, we can do lectures and we can do video blogs and interviews and various things about that so that you can become aware of what it is we are all very interested about in regards to the crop circles. We are exited. We hope it's gonna be gigantic! We hope a least it's going to be interesting, informative and fun! Keep watching this space, Thank you!

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Posted by: grimsy on May 16, 2010

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