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Smart_Moneys_on_Crazy Hair

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[Claire] No. I was just about to hit send. [Tara] Did you get kicked off too? [Doug] What's happening? My screen just went black. [Human Error] Don't worry, guys. I'm here. All right. Just whack it. You gotta let the machine know who's boss. [Todd] Come on! [Human Error] Yeah! Give it a little what for! [Todd] Don't do this to me now. [Claire] Look. My email's gone! Get it! [IT Guy] The whole system is down. [Human Error] Oh, look who just stumbled in from the genius bar. Of course it's down. I'm taking care of it. [IT Guy] A virus from one machine corrupted the entire network. I'm just trying to confirm which one. [Human Error]I don't want to sell anybody out here, but smart money's on crazy hair. Right here. Right? [Two hours earlier] [Todd] Hey, did anyone lose-- [Human Error] Whoa whoa whoa, finders keepers. That's ours now, bud. [Sound Judgement] You cannot keep that. [Human Error] Of course we can. Possession is something-something of the law. [Sound Judgement] Nine-tenths, but that's not the point. You don't know what's on that. [Human Error] Which is why we've got to get it into his machine stat. How will we know if we don't look? [Sound Judgement] You don't know where it's been! Come on. That's not safe! [Human Error] Listen, we both made some compelling arguments. But why don't you go grab a couple of cones, and we can continue this over soft serve. [Sound Judgement] Will that help you hear me out-- [Human Error] Yeah. [Sound Judgement] --if I go? [Human Error] Sure. [Sound Judgement] Fine. Listen, we're not done here, OK? [Human Error] Good. OK. All right. Now that the crazy lady is gone, what do you say we go pop that bad boy in, huh? Yeah. All right, let's go. All right. We'll start with the pictures and video. The docs can wait until we have a little bit more time. Man, this is going to be great. Wow, I'm so curious. Yeah, come on. If there's nothing good on it, we'll just wipe it. You know. Worst case scenario, we got a free drive. Come on. There it is. Stick it--

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Duration: 1 minute and 57 seconds
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
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Posted by: dave.bryant on Apr 14, 2017

Smart_Moneys_on_Crazy Hair

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