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Gulliver arrives in Spain

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Hello, this is My Travels, the reality that follows Gulliver's adventures since his arrival into Lilliputians' land. We are here, near the Monolito, because Gulliver is said to be near here, in Navia's beach. There are a lot of paparazzi looking for Gulliver, but we haven't seen him yet. As you know, if you have seen us, Gulliver has begun to write his adventures in a diary but in a successful blog, too, with maps and explanations about the incredible places he has been to. Although he has travelled around the world, he hasn't been to Navia before, and we hope we can ask him some questions about his plans. Oh, oh! He is coming! Gulliver! Gulliver, Gulliver. Oh, hello Gulliver! A beautiful lady ... How are you? I'm fine, thank you. And you? Fine, thanks. We were waiting for you. We were a bit worried because you didn't write any entries on the blog. Oh, don't worry about me! I have been to very dangerous places and I've had a lot of problems. I have been caught by pirates, I have been alone in the sea without food until I found some strange island with strange people as Laputians that spend all their time speculating and... Gulliver, there are some people that say you are a liar, some persons say on TV that you have invented all these stories. Oh, no, no, no, neither I am crazy nor ... Excuse me, excuse me ... They say you have invented all the stories in order to sell your book. No, no, no, I'm not a liar, I'm not a crazy man. I only write the truth in my book. They are the liars, not me. Oh, I understand, and what should you say to these people? Oh, I would say to them that they must read my book before speaking about it. Oh, why is your book so special? I think it's a good book because you can find a lot of real adventure stories about pirates and travels and great things about people, it's a good book. Oh, thank you for your opinion. And what brings you here? Oh, yes, I'm looking for new adventures, I'm looking for strange humans called Naviegos. Oh, Naviegos? Yeah, Naviegos, they are said to be more strange than Laputians. Oh, good luck, Gulliver! Thanks! And this is all. This is Rocío, for EOI Television.

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Posted by: kuentalibros on Apr 11, 2012

Straight from EOI Luarca TV, our adventurous reporter Rocío presents her exclusive interview with famous traveller Gulliver Nacho, on his arrival in Asturias.

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