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Ongoing discussion Have you seen it the other way around, girls seducing boys? All the time. I really think girls act very superficially nowadays. For example, when you enter a club and see how they're dressed. Even when they're still at the door. You're not going to tell me you're not looking for something... or you just put on a dress because you want to look nice. As if you don't like that. -You don't put on jogging pants. But you like to look at them. -Of course, but you have a reason. I don't believe you don't have a reason. So you shouldn't complain. -I don't. You don't listen. You're right, women dress up to be noticed by men. I don't agree. When I go out and dress up... I only do it to make myself beautiful, not for some boy. Really, I'm not going to dress up because I want a boy's attention. But you're not shy. But you can't wear a rollneck pullover in a disco, can you? If I want to wear a beautiful dress, I do it for myself. I like myself when I wear it. -That's so easy to say. But you emphasise certain things, don't you? Your breasts, for example. -No, absolutely not. Yes, why do push-up bras still exist? Just wear a granny bra and pack them together. You do it for a reason. You don't just do it to feel beautiful. That's impossible. You feel more self-assured. -Okay, but why is that? When you style your hair, you do it for yourself, not for the girls. I do it for the girls, too. When I go out, I definitely go for the chicks. My friend feels flattered when people tell her all the time she looks nice. It's nice to hear that. -Yes, but it only adds something. I don't do it to angle for compliments. Why don't you wear nuns' garments? -Because I don't like them. I do it for myself. People would say: What on earth are you wearing? You wouldn't like it. -That's my problem. It wouldn't matter, because you put it on for yourself. Yes, if I'd be happy with it. -If she were a nun, she'd wear it. No, but she said just now... -Nuns don't go to the disco. If you knew, if you only knew. Can I interrupt? I'd like to hear your opinion. What do you think? You put on what you like for yourself, not for the boys. So you agree with Angelique. Some girls do it for the boys. -Right. Some are behind the windows, but some girls just want to look nice. Some girls want to attract the boys' attention, but don't want sex. You, Gwen? -Some girls like to get compliments. And then they complain when a boy wants more. You get the boys' attention, but then they are too much. If you only want compliments, what do you do if people want more?

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Posted by: webfoundation on Feb 20, 2012

ongoing discussion

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