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Adam Antium Moloney - Weapons of Mass Discussion | Z-Day 2014

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hello I hope you're all doing well my name is adamantium and welcome to weapons of mass destruction the intellectual artillery at the TCM activist I apologize for the seemingly over intellectual eyes title since I was gonna use too much simpler logic bombs however a test say such a tight would be flagged up instantly by GCHQ so this is my feeble attempt at sidestepping the domestic terrorist watch list even though I probably of logic bombs used to quickly and easily communicate either rebuttals against arguments made against the sustainable train of thought all to detail differing elements of it in addition to explaining why each angle is used as usual I'll give you my disclaimer which is please don't believe or feel instructed to obey a single word I say instead Inc use one saying its inspiration to do your own research and us arrive and you're in conclusion so why use logic bombs festival and more often these days you will notice that as a communicator you'll be dealing with critics who either don't have the time all the inclination to speak at length about these issues so I found just dropping the a relevant logic bomb when needed saves time energy and strained communications but are in fact seats a thought and planting that seed in those ideas growing naturally in their own minds third we need to consider the fact that in this culture we're not encouraged to have lengthy profound discussions but rather fleeting and superficial chatter where things are explained away using cliches in precept races have apologetics such as it's human nature all it will never happen among others after all lengthy conversations require more knowledge a certain topics or at least in openness too many areas have knowledge this is detrimental to the perpetuation of because knowledge leads a person to be less controllable so with that said attempting our communications may need proof more successful as an introduction to the kind that logic bombs I'll be presenting here's an effective means of not only delaying that seed have learned social convention and that is the inevitable question that comes up when meeting someone in a social setting what do you do now experience tells us that what they mean is what do you do for a living however when you whitened the potential scope have such a question you find you can apply another angle so the way I would phrase in I didn't mean what do you do for money I mean what do you do for Humanity the next one is what I call the job prison the obvious parallels between employment and incarceration system aside this is an issue that comes up in the rhetoric of the establishment and even the anti-cuts movement in unions his claim is that we need to create more jobs specifically for the native Christians have those inclined towards nationalism to solve the unemployment problem omitting the fact that job so far disappearing and not coming back due to technological replacement if human labor systematic shutting down of industries due to monetary constraints and the outsourcing of those jobs to lower-paid workers in foreign countries by creating more positions have paid slavery you're in a systematically closing prison and when your test and do you realize you're free or demand to be locked back up any reason why this is a bad news scenario in the current system is that in slavery and provides the money which is then used to purchase resources but considering the fact that of the great living as an affordable and viable happen you for transition to sustainable living it's not such a bad thing next topic is so-called economic growth an issue that we hear about from politicians economists and bankers when asked how and at the same time the clint to define growth if they will honest about what growth is they would have to a concert that it is to measure a pic celebration have currency circulation more transactions more money some material is changing hands people buying things in spending more which on the face a bit sounds good however cannot sustain I'm place to write earth is abundant but it's not infinite plus a paradigm based upon the requirement eat through all the planet's resources I would address the issue with the following logic bomb infinite growth on a planet a finite resources there's only one thing that behaves in that exact manner we call it cancer so next topic how do we deal with the snacks and difficulties I feel inclined to remind people that the transition is not something which can be assigned with a concrete plan of action that will be followed through to the letter because everything is always changing and when not fortune tellers so we need to adapt and adopt a different approach this is something of also covered in my transitional doing presentation lasts a day essentially the scenario the he is still trying to work your way through a huge many slash obstacle course the size of a football field it's pitch black C you can see anything you can hear voices kiting more perhaps miss kiting you and to top it off the mazes always reconfiguring that is the reality for the future so I addressed this issue in the following manner: in a maze that is always changing you cannot rely on a concrete preset route the best way to succeed is to adapt along with it sustainability comes up is the it will never happen mantra what saddens me is that a good portion of this rhetoric comes from parents but I'll touch on that later after years in countering this I realized something telling the reason people either say it will never happen or it won't happen in my lifetime is because these people happy that completely rejected the idea of anything in proving or they project help the point of improvement beyond their likely life span so they don't have to personally deal with the necessary changes and upon for the pressing these people generally do concede that a dismissive attitude toward social change is not the best means to achieve social change which is why I answer this with the following phrase in fact it's the best way to ensure it'll never happen because cynicism isn't progress next up is the topic has overpopulation many people in this society try to infer that the problem cursory calculation of people to the livable area: said the planet so if that's not the problem them participate in this regard could it possibly be anything to do with the fact that the current model is nowhere near efficient all accommodating just a thought in reality we could feed everyone if we were to use hydroponic that's cool agriculture on just 0.06 percent of the land currently he used to grow food so to address this issue I would use the following logic bomb considering we can all fit in Texas the problem is in too many people it's the grossly inefficient means we use to create life needs next topic his profit versus solutions and if anyone doesn't recognize on the man on the left the man on the left is as you well know nikola Tesla who we all have to thank for the radio DC power wireless technology among host a father innovations and respected scientist he had the principles and practice %uh weil es free energy back in the early nineteen hundred's the problem is there's no money in free abundant energy so his funding was withdrawn by JP Morgan when he found out about the warden left out project which is pictured on the right and because money is a factor in the equation how well sorry Tessler there's no profit in providing for the globe enjoy financial destitution edison the guy who was electrocuted in elephant by the name of talk see just a smear Tesla's DC technology got the financial backing that should have gone to Tesla so with that in mind I addressed the issue with the following response Nikola Tesla's ideas for free energy for the planet Wilson implemented because he isn't profitable thats profit is inverse to progress someone to the next issue malevolent technology when it comes to loot the advancing the pollution of technology and how it's portrayed in the media and by culture in certain respects is the idea that it will act in and emotionless and us malevolent manner and if you think that is actually true ask yourself if the character Spock is a good guy on I guess part of what adds to this fear is to rate the technology evolves which is by the way exponentially ephemeral isolation a tank want by Bucky fuller with increasingly less sizeof tech this naturally leads ask clunky brain talking monkeys in its wake and that can be disconcerting this fear has been fed even though and malevolence at the terminators is purely an execution of human programming to kill humans and Vicky the machine intelligence in I Roble being willing to wipe out humanity to save it from itself was really nothing more than the human nature fallacy so how I with some this amp is machines have no malice the simulations of it a machine would only home for two reasons malfunction or execution a few min programming this next issue was actually brought up to me by a troll on the cheap essentially he claimed that natural resource-based economy has the same and goals as Marxism fuss they are both the same the fact of the matter is that Marxism dozen have the exact same and goals an argument could be made that any economic system does in the least pretend that eventually if its principles are followed correctly that it will result in a happy healthy and free society in order for it to gain any real traction when proposed it would have to but it's the Ensco often cannot justify the means and the same in the end goal it's the same the difference i would emphasize on is that Marxism hopes to achieve cohesion crew coalition and NLRB works towards creating cohesion through cooperation very different it is the hughes or absence of Use a force or coercion which differentiates the two and I sum this up in a rather crude but simple analogy the end goal of a guy on the pole and a rapist is the same to have sex the difference is with the force and coercion is used to succeed next up is root cause analysis one of the best tools for problem solving so much so that this happen cations can extend deep into the resolution both as far as I can tell all about problems there's three examples that I generally like to use to demonstrate the power of and that's weeks in your garden rats in your kitchen an inoperable brain chamber in Moscow the beautiful thing about seeking group courses is that it enables you to truly get what sets the wheels %uh any problem in motion and eradicating that root cause your advocate the problem by means have true prevention so how address this by just picking one of the six samples his if you had an operable brain Chama would you want it removed engaging therapy or just be fat painkillers and hope it goes away next the topic %uh our current punishment paradigm upon which I can make an hour-long presentation just by itself but to touch base on it here one thing that seems to go completely unnoticed all just ignored is the fact that punishment cannot be used to treat violence because punishment is a forum a finance and a current methods to get what you want is OK imprisoning which actually racist the stock prices have privately and prisons or executing because it seems people are these and the other punitive measures we used do nothing to eradicate the problem because ironically they show every sin have creating and magnifying violent behaviors the best place to go to learn how to be final in gays prison so I address this issue with the following response there is no evidence to support the claim the punishment works because it lacks preventive power punishment is synonymous with revenge next up is the all too often repeated but seldom understood me even less substantiated claim that we need to work for a living this is essentially a phrase to propagandize a population into embracing and requiring is posed as the only viable way have doing things and because we enjoy a slightly less over condition have enslaved men compared to other countries we fall into the Aleutian slavery is could and its home K to need it and I completely disagree we have the technology to provide for everyone's life needs and to free them from life need to work for a living be anything more then unjust paid slavery so I addressed this issue with following statement we do you don't need to work for a living nor do we need the money that that's late repays us it is access to what that money would need to have so much money it can be doped a for cheating and yes that is a diamond-encrusted mercedes-benz that cost $48 million dollars to make and people will be in charge one thousand dollars just to touch it this is a perfect illustration of the ridiculous links that one has to go to to justify having more money then you can know what to do with and when we step back and just look objectively about the idea of accruing money it was to ensure that the you could meet your needs with comfort nowadays seeking money for the sake of seeking money has become the objective rather than using money to create systems to provide for all humanity and us ending with the need for it but for this issue I choose a comical response which is the only circumstance where I would look the other way and fax support the idea of you being rich that is if you were stands law brzezinski moving on to the penultimate issue in this presentation we have the allegiance two values this attachment we have to contemporary or even antiquated rhetoric or belief systems and in fact for most people it's the last remaining battlefield that people fight change the comfort and sticking with the Familia bolstering your positions and justifying your thanks by making claims to send values have helped that day what all these defensive have in common his to protect the established few against new and improving ideas for example the blind patriotism is illustrated on the left here where children on a daily basis put their hand on heart from questioning governmental behaviour because you already sworn to obey and trust the government cognitive dissonance information age clashes with the stacked in values and this can understandably cause people to lose direction so I address this issue with the following phrase since everything changes we owe going because what is taught isn't necessarily what is true so to close this presentation now the final issue the point caring this to me is one of the most central points that we as a species need to and if you take anything away from this talk this should be a the image you're looking at is actually at genuine English propaganda poster from 1915 the I myself modified the original had a quote from the daughter saying and as you can see updated it to a possible future scenario when we look back on a collapsed anti economy and we encounter the thought that it could have been avoided if only we cared enough when we break this concept down we realize that since we hear we have an opportunity and some would even say an obligation to do what we can to insure at least a little improvement for all humankind so when I come to generations look at our house and we realize that they will most likely be alive after we die and as such they're having to pick up from where we left off why would we deliberately or even apathetic Lee do them the disservice of making them pay this apathetic attitude I see displayed by these people who don't really care about what happens in the future as long as they aren't personally inconvenienced is displayed by a hell of a lot of parents and in some of the most belligerent cases of outputs have three children they gave birth to all these kits and yet they could not care about the kind of welfare have knowingly brought their kids into sometimes this is a case of blind faith in the wishy-washy rhetoric have politicians who've made promises life as long as we work hard enough for her so if you think about it if you you our parent then you have more responsibility then even me to do what you can to make the world a better place because you have brought a child into this world don't you care about what kind of world you've just forced them to inherit and when we think about that week and then think about what if my child has a child if they return when applying this train a full dust make us wonder how many generations or how many years into the future out we prepared to care at what point do we come of our compassion and for the parents who claimed that a better world will never happen or at least not in their lifetime them why did you can see show children to begin with so I provide the final logic bomb for this talk if we claim to care about archaeon it isn't duty to do what we can to ensure the world we forced our young to inherit is a good one so if you wish to find out more information please this it the Zeitgeist Movement dot com which now features for free download a comprehensive text called the Zeitgeist Movement defined which details exactly what TZM advocates additionally the Phoenix project ok on is up call on your copia of wonderful concepts and designs to make this place better for all I thank you for taking the time to watch this video and take care

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A lecture hold by Adam Moloney at the ZDAY 2014 in Maidstone/UK. This is the working location. You can find all completed translations here:

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