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Divine secrets revealed by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi during a speech in Karachi 1/7

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I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Beloved companions…Aslam-o-Alykum! Even before this several speeches have been delivered in this city Karachi. These speeches are not meant for politics, to hurt sentiments of any sect neither to criticize the government. This message has always been delivered for people who are in search of truth, they kept listening and we kept speaking. First speech was made in a small room in Golimar fifteen years ago in which four people participated. Subsequently the message, piercing millions of hearts, scattered all over the world. Now we have been receiving indications for few days to spread this message among other religions as well. We were wondering that while our own people are not able to understand this knowledge then how come Hindus, Sikhs, Christian can realize this knowledge? I thought that these may not be true indications, because many people had received false indications in the past. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was considered infidel just because of such false revelations (not from God), otherwise he had no other thing of infidelity. After a Friday prayer in Latifabad (Hyderabad) a man stood and said “O people! Stop and heed to the announcement! Allah has just commanded me to declare my prophethood and ask people to accept me as a prophet.” People tried to convince him that Prophethood has been ended and Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet. There will be no Prophet thereafter. He said, “Ok fine, I offer prayer again”. The man offered prayers/salat again and said: “Again I received a signal which says tell to the people that you are a true prophet and if people don’t accept you as a Prophet, a miracle will be shown to them now” People started thrashing him with foot wears. May be this was the ‘miracle’. After few days I happened to meet him at a barber shop and asked him what happened with your ‘prophethood’? He said that after been battered with foot-ware, I realized that it was a deception from Satan. We also received some such indications and even that knowledge, for which signals have been shown, was taught to us in higher realms. There is no time limit for knowledge of Sharia, when someone starts offering five time daily prayers and having a beard is Sharia. Then is the knowledge of Tarekat (mysticism). When someone nourishes inner souls for 12 years, then due to that power they come out from the body and goes into the court of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that is Tareeqat (mysticism). After this is the knowledge of Haqeeqat (Reality) as Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) himself teaches these souls, then that is the knowledge of Haqeeqat (Reality). After this is the knowledge of Muarifat by virtue of which vision of Allah is given within seven days in this stage. We were wondering if these indications happened to be false then we may face similar situation as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed did. If these signals proved to be true, we would also be hanged like Shah Mansoor. We were bound, what shall we do? At last we made an effort and started experiments according to those signals. Apart from Islamic countries, we also visited Europe and USA, and told Hindus, Sikhs and Christians about that knowledge and they said Verily, this very knowledge is in our sacred books. We have allusion about it in our scriptures and we were searching for this. When that knowledge was taught them their hearts also began chanting Allah Allah. Now we became sure that these signals were from Allah. Because anyone’s heart no matter even if he is Muslim, without Allah’s will cannot chat Allah Allah. When those people satisfied they invited us to their temples and we delivered lectures there as well. Hazrat Abu Huraira said, “I received two types of knowledge from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 20, 2010

This speech is a must watch for the seeker of truth.

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