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Vibrant Small Groups, Part 2

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels Vibrant Small Groups Part 2 The fundamental thing a member of a small group wants to know does the leader love me. Does the leader actually care about my life. I have people around Willow I am not proud of this but I have people around Willow who come and say "Can you give me a small group to teach?" I say, "What?" I want to teach a small group and I do not have any friends. If you could fill my group with some people so I could teach them... A moment of reflection on that. What does that person really want to do? They want to exercise a gift more than they want to love and guide and shape a life. I have been in many small groups. I have led many and I have been in many. Fundamental I want to know if I am in one is do these people love me. Because if they love me I can self disclose and we can get at some struggles in my life and we can help each other. If this small group is operating on any fuel other than the love fuel I cannot open up or trust it. I do not want to be a part of it. I tell our small group leaders at Willow "If you want people to come to your small group, then you should go to their home or workplace or school and show that you are actually interested in their life. As opposed to you always saying, 'Just come to my house and I will teach you.' Go to their life, their workplace." That really communicates something. They have to know if the love thing is real. Secondly, is the leader serving or lording over. Is the leader trying to straighten out my life. Or is the leader trying to serve me so that I can follow Christ without blowing up my life. There is a difference there. Is this all predicated on the right motives? It is those kinds of things that I always talk to my leaders about. You will remember this from Acts 20. The apostle Paul had been three years at Ephesus, built a cool church there, then God called him away to go back to Jerusalem. The elders of the church, his small group, accompany him to the dock. Remember what happens as he is leaving? They all break down bawling. They said, "Because we will not see your face anymore. You are leaving." So the question when I teach that passage is why were all of these people crying when Paul left? I know churches that rejoice when their pastors leave. I know small groups that cannot wait until the Bible study is over to get done with it. I have always felt that the key to understanding the sobs of the people in the group that Paul was leaving is that Paul added so much value to their lives. He had served them so well and loved them so deeply and walked through stuff with them so beautifully. They realized that they had never had anybody love us like this, serve us like this, add value like us, walk with us. We have never had anyone like this and we are likely we will never have anyone like this again. That is what brought out all of the emotion. I think for small group leaders you have to keep asking yourself am I loving these people, am I serving them, am I walking through stuff with them, am I adding value, do I write them notes, do I email them and say, "I prayed for you today. Is there anyway I can serve you?" Everybody responds to that.

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Posted by: landsm on Sep 29, 2014


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