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I opposed going to war in Iraq. Senator McCain was one of Washington’s biggest supporters for the war. I warned that the invasion of a country posing no imminent threat would fan the flames of extremism and distract us from the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Senator McCain claimed that we would be greeted as liberators, and that democracy would spread across the Middle East. Those were the judgments we made on the most important strategic question since the end of the Cold War. Now is the time for a responsible redeployment of our combat troops that pushes Iraq’s leaders towards a political solution, rebuilds our military, and refocuses on Afghanistan and our broader security threats. We must be as careful getting out of Iraq, as we were careless getting in… We can safely redeploy our combat brigades at a pace that would remove them in 16 months. After this redeployment, we will keep a residual force to perform specifics missions in Iraq, targeting any reminisces of Al Qaeda, protecting our service members and diplomats, and training and supporting Iraq’s security forces so long as the Iraqis make political progress. True success will take place when leave Iraq to a government that is taking responsibility for its future, a government that prevents sectarian conflict, and ensures the Al Qaeda threat which has been beaten back by our troops does not remerge. We will commit two billion dollars to a meaningful international effort to support the more than four million displaced Iraqis. We will forge a new coalition to support Iraqis’ futures, one that includes all of Iraq’s neighbors, and also the United Nations, the World Bank, and the European Union, because we all have a stake in stability, and we will make it clear that the United States seeks no permanent bases in Iraq.

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Posted by: rpena on Oct 31, 2008


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