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Jason Silva - Planetary Resources Kickstarter

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Carl Sagan said it best. We are star stuff pondering the stars. We humans have always dreamed of gazing upon far-flung galaxies, alien solar systems, and even into stars themselves, and yet until now gaining access to space to explore the cosmos has been astronomically expensive. Enter Planetary Resources, a team of passionate, extraordinary individuals focused on changing all of that by democratizing the exploration of space.

Planetary is able to make this happen on the back of exponentially growing technologies that are redefining what becomes possible, allowing technologist to do what only huge corporations and governments could do mere decades ago. Planetary was founded by X PRIZE and Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis and Space Adventures CEO Eric Anderson.

It's an adventure focused on mining the asteroids for resources.

The company's technology is being designed by an elite engineering team who earlier in their career were lead engineers designing and building JPL's Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity rovers. The company has been speaking with the visionary Museum of Flight led by president Doug King and the Planetary Society led by Bill Nye. Everyone's goal? Open the space frontier.

Planetary wants to get this technology into the hands of everyone, and as it turns out, they found a way to do exactly that on Kickstarter. While Planetary Resources has invested heavily to design and build its own fleet of high-powered space telescopes to search for asteroids, they are also looking to launch an extra enhanced copy and make it available as the world's first crowd-funded space telescope to be controlled directly by the public. The Arkyd 100. A piece of this can be yours. What can you do with this you may ask? Well the aim of this project is 3-fold. First you can use the Arkyd space telescope for education and inspiration to elicit a sense of cosmic awe and expand people's minds, empowering teachers, students, museums as never before with access to technology today that we couldn't even dream about a decade ago. Second you can use the Arkyd 100 to take dazzling photos of the Universe, outer space, or yourself soaring above our planet. Third you can participate in next-level citizen science. Explore, dazzle, design your own experiments, or donate your telescope time to MIT researchers looking for alien planets around distant stars. We're putting all the control in your hands. We want you involved. Imagine the thrill of participating in such a search for answers. We all have a capacity to make a dent in the Universe. We've got the technology friends. Where we go with it, what we do with it is now up to you. Let's achieve the impossible. [The Arkyd 100] [Planetary Resources] [♪ music playing ♪] [The Arkyd 100] [Make History]

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Jason Silva - Planetary Resources Kickstarter

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