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Roger Ver about Bitcoin, Government, and

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I see government as one of the biggest restrictions on preventing humans from progressing [Roger Ver,] advancing technology, and medicine, and commerce, and I see Bitcoin as a tool to basically strip power away from governments, from controlling people and their individual lives. That's what has been so exciting about Bitcoin, that I knew I had to get involved and make investments in a number of different Bitcoin businesses, to help bring about a better world, in which everybody has complete control over their own finances. If you have control of your own finances that gives you more control over other areas of your life, including healthcare, and all sorts of things. It is really, really exciting to see all the ways in which Bitcoin is going to empower the individual to have more control over their own life. I'm so excited about because I see the this wonderful tool that provides anybody on the planet, regardless of what color they are, or where they happen to have been born, the ability to send and receive money with anyone else, anyone on the planet. And they don't have to ask for permission from any bank, or any bureaucrat, or any other human being for that matter. They can just run the software available from, and send and receive with anyone without requiring permission, and that's going to lead to just a huge amount of additional commerce. And just an explosion in the amount of business that people are able to do worldwide with each other, without having to ask for permission. I think that is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and the whole team at are working hard to make it super easy and safe and secure for anybody to be able to do that.

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Posted by: davidorban on May 17, 2014

Roger Ver at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam talks about Bitcoin, Government, and

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