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Palfest 2009: al-Khalil / Hebron

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In Hebron, in the old city, we have around 400 settlers But, they are protected and supported by around 1500 soldiers Each settler has at least four or five soldiers to protect and support him And unfortunately settlers themselves are armed people, they are civilians with weapons We are in the only entrance into the old city All the other entrances, and there were very many, have been closed And this is the only entrance into Hebron Old City now And here, it's not a free entrance, as you can see, you have to pass through these iron gates They are going to check for the camera You have to put the camera here You can put it here. When we exit you can take it back Ok... the commander says we have to move from here, very fast, this is a checkpoint here It's a command area so we are not able to stay here You can hear the call to prayer at Abraham's mosque, which is behind this Judaic gift centre Which is playing Zionist music, sometimes at a slow pace, and sometimes at an ear cancer techno pace They don't even turn it off for the call to prayer ...Hebron songs, ah so these are like historic Hebron songs right? So these are all historic songs from Hebron, is that the idea? They are songs about Hebron So these are all Israeli singers? Yes So no Arab singers, no? No no Some of it is voluntary closure because, of course, there is nobody buying anything because people can't come here because of the closures and some of it is actually closure by order of the military and in that case you find that the doors are welded "Be prepared for revenge" Be prepared for what, sorry? "Be prepared for revenge" See how calm she is through it all This is Aya We walk very fast here, we can't stay like this, because every time they throw stones, dirty water [excrement] from here you can see the rubbish even here To the right here nobody allowed to come and rent out this house It's a military zone That means no Palestinian is allowed to renovate or inhabit this house The idea is to expand this settlement to be here One of the Israeli occupied area is there And another settlement is there, that white building there you see the Israeli flag and the settlement, the white one part of al Shohada street is here, shops left and right and nobody allowed to open here by military order Just only settlers and army guards can use this area And we are here, if we want to cross to the other side, it would take two minutes If we want to do it right now we have to travel about 12 kilometers to circle around 12 Kilometres? Sorry - to get here? To get here. On the other side. How have you found the week? I found it enormously shocking in one way of course At the same time also encouraging Because I see that the resistance among the Palestinians is so strong is so profound so there is a big hope One can say that the Israelis have maybe taken everything, the land and everything But they haven't taken the dreams from the Palestinians And as long as the Palestinans have their dreams they also have their fate in their own hands So if I live a long life enough, i guess that with no doubt in my heart and in my mind the Palestinians shall be free Thank you very much Thank you

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Duration: 6 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: Palestine
Language: English
Producer: Omar Robert Hamilton
Director: Omar Robert Hamilton
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Posted by: palfest on May 29, 2009

Though its impossible to show to extent of what's happening in al-Khalil / Hebron in a short video - it is a city that is vital to undestanding the occupation. We follow the PalFest group on a tour of the old city.

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