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Community Planet Foundation- Jack Reed

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Ok, welcome everybody. So, imagine that we are the people who have the power to do whatever we want to do on the planet . The people in this room were the decision makers, it’s not anybody else. Just imagine that. Could we, the people in this room design a system that work for everyone? We can throw out all the traditional paradigms. Everything we know about what’s happening socially, economically, politically in terms of we don’t have to do with any of them. All we have to do, as a group of people here, is to design something that would work for everybody to take care of everybody in the planet, in the most beneficial way for everybody. Could we do it? Absolutely! Ok! So. So, the solution is out there! The way to start with doing this is the most people have no idea what it would look like. So, why if we’d created a community say of 500 people, and we’d design it in a way that work for everybody, So that everybody was living incredibly abundant lives, healthy, connected. And by that I mean connecting within themselves and with other people. Because most of the people on the planet have no idea what it’s like to really connect with other people, because very few people have done the inner journey to really connect with themselves. And this people were living in a way that they have far less stress, they were working less, they were more integrated with nature and they were having much more fun. So, other people looking at those that would say You know, those people are living a whole lot better than we are. What do we need to do to get from here to there? And that is what’s gonna change the planet. It’s not gonna be a struggle against the existing model. It’s not gonna be a struggle to trying change anything, it’s gonna be that vision and if we can then take that community and make a cluster of communities, that’s like 5 or 6 , so we are dealing with about 3 thousand people. So, that the world can see it. And the way we design everything, the way we do everything, that is gonna be what changes everything else. Here’s what I’m gonna present to you. There is a solution. I just gave it to you and The solution for everything is the solution to anything. I have friends challenged me, I said give me a problem, and they give me any problem. One of my friends said I have a headache right now and I showed him how the solution that I’ve just presented to you is the solution for everybody else. I think the one thing I don’t cover is when person A likes person B who likes person C. I don’t get into that , but still the community would address that. We have arrived at this place we are because of our Every person For Themselves system. That is at the source of most of the problems that we have, and that the way we live together and relate together in community is the basic building block needed to transform this planet. And you noticed when I say community, in every place you see community in my book it’s a capital C, so that it can be differentiated with the traditional concept that people have of community small c. When I talk community, I’m talking the vision that I’ve just presented to you. My story. When I was around 15 years old, I read a book that was called “Lemuria, the lost continent of the Pacific” and it talked about how community life was in Lemuria and I got very inspired about how, if we were living that way, at this time did it could change everything else on the planet did it would end hunger, address poverty, address all the inequalities, the imbalances because this people really considered themselves one family So, I got all excited about that idea, because I was interested only in transforming the planet and only in something that would address everything else or else I wasn't interested and eventually I figured out...I've got to get this vision so the people can see it, so the people know what I'm talking about so, I got together with a group of people and we created a class through the Peace Theological Seminary in Los Angeles which was to design and put down on paper a description of the community I thought it was going to be a ten week class At the end of the first meeting I can tell that the class had different ideas in mind because I was gonna just cover things like, OK, well how's it gonna work with administration of decision making, how's it gonna work with economics, how is it gonna work in terms of food production, and you know it was like No! those are the boring questions, we need to ask some more expansive questions. So, this ten week class became a lot longer than that. But the first thing I wanted to do was to take a look at what was happening on the planet currently, and so we pretended like we were from the planet Kungawungajungo! It's not my word! Somebody else in the class came up with it. We even created a little dance that was called the Kunga-wunga-jun-go! So we would start having a lot of fun with these concepts, which is part of the escence of the creative process. So, on this planet Kungawungajungo, where we came from, for thousand of years we lived in a way that we were considered all one family, that was where we were coming from. That there were not such wordsas poverty or lack or wealth even, because there were's not comparative thing It wasn't that anybody have more or less we were one family, we made it work for everybody was from renewable resources, so we weren't mining the planet for everything. It'd been completely sustainable for thousand years, but the planet was considered to be all ours, there was not division, so in terms of I've to enclose this is my space, or this country, this all ours it's not yours. It's like the whole planet was considered ours. That there was no isolation and alienation, because everybody had connected inside and therefore, they knew how to connect with other people and in fact, they knew how to connect with nature, as well in finding more and more that all things have life and of course, our native american friends have known it for a long time

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We are currently living and relating with each other and the planet in way that is no longer viable.How can we start making the planet work for everyone?
The solution to everything is the solution to anything.
Because everything is interconnected, the age-old approach of trying to change all the imbalances and crises our planet faces by addressing them one at a time hasn't been working and cannot work. We must step outside the box to see the big picture—that the ultimate solution to all these challenges is the same solution: Evolution into sustainable Communities.

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