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rav berg zohar beshalach 1987 edited 2017

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Ten commandments, if you seen the film. The sliptting of Red Sea. Miraculous, dramatic, whatever. For that all it was about? To create a miracle? The Zohar says this was essencial. What is so essential about "criad yam suf"? Why is this so important? It says: hebraico. This is in verse, chapter 14 verse 5: hebraico And the heart of Pharaoh in service in turn towards the people The said: What is that? What we have done? We let Israel go from serving us. I mean, they had enough. And then what happens? hebraico. It said: because I am gonna hard his heart. And, they ultimately charge the after them. They became frightened. hebraico Again, they were frightened. And here we have for according to the Zohar, we will learn that inside because it is essential. Then we will begin to understand what is happening here. In chapter 14, verse 18 it says: The egyptians should know that I am The Lord When I´ve gotten me an honour upon pharaoh, upon his chariots and the angel of Hashem who went before the camp of Israel and removed and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud removed from before and them. If you read the translation, you gets You know. if you read at least the hebrew There is a little sense toward. But in english translation absolutely no meaning. Here is sending, selling, sending in a cloud of "aish" a fire a cloud, in a cloud above. hebraico. Verse 19 in the chapter 14. We have 3 verses. hebraico. which is the verse 19 and .. and within in eglish translation what, for that matter any other translation but the hebrew the entire concept of what this is all about, must be lost because the Zohar tells us in parash Beshalach That there are 72 letters in this "pasut", of verse 19. Hebraico You will count and you will find That there are 72 letters. Verse 20. Hebraico You will find again, 72 letters. Specifically. When you come to the verse 21, again Hebraico. You will find again a verse with 72 letters. I had not found any other commentary other than Zohar whose stops and takes notice of what is happening here. In brief, in brief, the reason and the only reason why "criad yam suf", why splitting the Red Sea? was so important, was so essential was because with out the manifestation, remember there is one thing to teach people how to do things and there is another thing a making things manifest. what they said about good intentions, good thoughts the road to hell is paid with good intentions, right? So intentions are never sufficient What is necessary is the manifestation of thoughts. Manifestations of meditations. When the "criad yam suf" take place (Shivaa?) , the seventh day of Pesach that is when it took place because that was a day, that was a cosmic event that was not knowing because of the splitting of Red Sea because that was only an effect The cause, the cause of (hebraico), the seventh day of Pesach was when this 72 letters became manifest became manifest by the nation of Israel, in this terrestrial, in this world of Assiah, in the world of action. Until such time, these 72 letters existed for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the rest of the chariots Never had the opportunity to express this 72 letters to became part of the cosmos and became part of our universal intelligence. When could that happen? The seventh day of Pessach. That was the day when this action of 72 letters could became manifest. So thus we do not celebrate The seventh day a Pessach because a miracle happened that day. the splitting of the Red Sea To us, is like the miracle of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not the whole city because the temple was located there but rather, Jerusalem is the whole city and therefore the temple was located there. (hebraico) the seventh day of Pessach, a Passover Why is that an unusual holiday? and it is because what that day represents in a cosmic event as a cosmic event that was the day that the power of the 72 letters became manifest and therefore a natural result of that 72 letters was the splitting of the Red Sea So, the splitting of the Red Sea is not a miracle When Moshe could slayer an Egyptian without touching him because he made use of this 72 letters What was the miracle? That Moshe can slayer the egyptian? No. The miracle was that the Moshe have this power. to slayer the egyptian. That he himself had already as chariot enjoyed that kind of power. But nobody else. Therefore This three "pasukim", this three verses That we noticed contains each 72 letters not by chance. In a fact the verses themselves seems to be unimportant But that is not true. This was three verses that were essential to establishing the "criad yam suf" but the "criad yam suf" was the effect the "criad Yom Suf" was the effect, it was not the cause for celebration I was not the cause for celebration The cause for celebration, in fact that seventh day of Pessach is not because of "criad yam suf" As we learned in the Talmud, as a sephirot that which becames manifest on a physical level it will always be the result of something that began and originated in the metaphysical frame. Building a building it is only an idea to begins building a building with the though to building a building. and this wise man seats down and plans the building long before the building will be build the entire building in mind has already been constructed. So, "criad yam suf" as we learning now, was insignificant. For us today, have we observed the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea? No. So whats significance is it to me that I have to observe according to the Torah the seventh of Pessach over is a holiday? Why? What is it do for me? The answer, says the Zohar because on this day, on this day the seventh day of Pessach it is a time them you can connect to what? To the manifestation of the 72 letters.

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