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Max Orr -24

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1. You have a floating rib but only on one side. Sometimes it presses against your lung until you can't breathe. We are only supposed to have two sets of twelve. She always believed in things like unlucky number 13. 3. In sign language, 13 is expressed with two fingers curled down into a fist and the other two fluttering towards your chest, thumb out sideways, a movement that ticks like chattering teeth. 5. You are twenty-five years old. One for each rib. 7. When you lie back with your fingers against your side I count up to twenty-four and back down again. It calms me to ignore dissimilarities. Four years ago I celebrated my anniversary on the twenty-fourth day of January, When she left the number began to follow me everywhere, I missed her for one hour of each day, from the white bone hilltops down to the valleys between coasts, 9. In sign language, the number twenty-five has a special movement - its own variation. The fingers move outward, as if reaching. Twenty-four is signed just like any other number. 11. I had loved her biblically: each of the four elements multiplied by the six days of creation, I was never any good at math. 13. She never grew to care for me as much as she feared Sundays. Sometimes when I watch you lie back with your fingers against your side, I breathe harder, willing the air to flow back inside of you. Willing your lungs to forgive odd numbers. I think I am falling in love with your intercostal spaces, I am envious of the muscles that hold you together, I am homesick for parts of you that I will never see. 11. Twenty-four is the number of angels - 9. When we were fifteen she used to copy my algebra homework. When she chewed her food one of her eyelids twitched. My pinky finger on one hand sometimes moves of its own accord, as if reaching. 7. The human body is composed of 24 elements. In the Gospel of saint John, the words water and spirit are used 24 times, my favorite sign has no easy translation into written word. I think that is how I feel about you. 5. I am nineteen years old. An odd number. But the years that separate us is six. Even. One for each day of creation. 3. It's been seven weeks since our first kiss. Forty-nine days, exactly. An odd number. 1. I'm still counting.

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Posted by: measuringcups on Nov 21, 2014

Slam at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

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