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the function of the nephron

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Kidneys are bean-shaped organs which filter blood to regulate levels of waste, water, and salt in body fluids. The nephron is the kidney’s functional unit. In its first section, Renal Corpuscle, filtration occurs as fluid and small molecules and blood are filtered from glomerulal capillaries. The filtrate is captured within a chamber called Bowman’s capsule. The next nephron section, the renal tubule, has three parts and series. Filtrate within Bowman’s capsule enters the proximal convoluted tubule, reabsorption of important molecules and ions from filtrate back into blood occurs here. These include Blood vessels receiving reabsorbed species are peritubular capillaries, a plexus derived from the arterial leaving the Renal Corpuscle The renal tubule continues as the loop of Henle which has a descending limb passing into the kidney medula. and an ascending limb returning to the kidney cortex Tubular fluid in the loop undergoes significant changes in osmotic concentration. A counter-current multiplier system functions to allow water only to leave the filtrate by osmosis during loop descent and salt only to leave the filtrate by active transport during loop ascent. This creates an osmotic gradient in medula interstitial fluid. This is necessary to produce concentrated urine. A capillary system, the vasa recta, parallels the loop of Henle and participates in salt gradient formation and maintenance. In the distal convoluted tubule, secretion occurs. some waste: are secreted from blood vessels into the renal tubule. If concentrated urine must be produced because of low fluid levels, antidiuretic hormone acts on collecting duct lining cells. Tube sections after distal convoluted tubule promoting water movement from filtrate into interstitial space because of osmotic gradient established and maintained by fluid and solid movement associated with the loop of Henle.

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the function of the nephron in our kidneys

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