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B2B Testimonio Javier B

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Hello my name is Javier Benitez, I am 19 years old I am now in a public school I am studying a degree in machinery and tools. I also work in a call center, making calls During the week I dedicate my mornings to school and then I start work at 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm On saturdays in the afternoon I go to the addiction rehab center to support the guys there, I talk to them, have meetings with them and on Sundays I go to church in the morning with my brothers and my tutor How I was before, I used to get mad for everything I had a lot of very bad fits of anger And a lot of people close to me, social services, my family and friends, have told me that they've seen a big change in me in that area The difference in me now is I can calm down I don't have those fits or anger and I feel more at peace I feel that I've changed a lot because before I didn't like to talk to anyone and here in the home with my tutor we joke around and play all the time sometimes she gets mad, it's normal But most of the times is a good time, when we help her wash the dishes all 4 us together If I hadn't asked for help Right now I would be lost in drugs This teacher who knows me since I was little she was the one who also supported me with my drug problem because I shared that with her, and she has supported me a lot I was going through a really difficult time with my drug problem If it wasn't for her help and support also I wouldn't have studied and I would be just lost in addiction I wouldn't be with my brothers I see that they look up to me, It's for them that I keep trying to make things right With my brothers, they're foster care was over and Social Services talked to my tutor she was determined to help us, also Social Services saw the change in my life too and all the effort I have put in when I turned 18 years old, I was more involved in helping my tutor too helping with my brothers support or called them out when they are not behaving because my tutor, she didn't have doubts when they talked to her about the plan to have my brothers, she said yes inmediately I never stopped thinking about being with my bothers again and it just happened because since I have been in the home, I always had that thought, to be with my brothers And when I was in the rehab center I always told them "we are going to be together" when we talk about where we are going next, we always say we are going to always stay in touch and that we are always going to be taking care of each other I also have talked to my tutor about my wish when I am older and married I would love to help and support a teen or a child because I know that we all have that need to be loved and belong to a family because that's the best place to be, where you are happy and loved and when you are a child or teenager is what you are looking for and what you wish for

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