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Launch a Product or Program

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I'm going to talk about how to implement services and products and audio products and those types of things into your practice so that you have a way to reach more people at different price points and you also have a way to build your residual income. Let's talk a little bit about the types of things you can create. Say you have your free email newsletter, and that email newsletter promotes your free teleclass, and that teleclass promotes your four-week Kick Your Sugar Habit teleseminar class that you're charging money for. That could lead to a group coaching program. That could lead to a weekend retreat that you host in your hometown. There are all kinds of things that you can create. I want you to be thinking about what would work for you? What are the types of products and programs you can do? Number one, you could certainly create a group program. You could create your own teleseminar series. You could have, for example, a two- or three-week teleclass series that comes with a book that you wrote, an online book, and you can charge for the program and do it with a conference call. You could create your own audio class that you pick about a certain topic, say 10 ways to increase your energy, and you could write a little handout that goes with it. You could hook it up on your website and have a payment link, and then you could be selling the audio portion of the book. You could create your own manual with CD's that you sell. You could create a CD series on a particular topic of interest to your target market, and you could ship that to people if they bought it from you on your website. You could do a weekend retreat. You could host a day long get back in shape for summer or how to survive the holidays or a day long interactive workshop with Coach Jane Smith on how to have more energy, how to eat foods you enjoy, how to stay fit all winter long, how to reduce your stress. You could have a one-day retreat. You could also create a membership community. You could have an online membership site people pay you to be part of. I did that with my business coaching practice. It's been really successful, and I love doing it. Those are all the different types of things you can create. A group program, a teleclass series. You could even record that teleclass and then sell it afterwards on your website. There are all kinds of options. What I think is a really great first step for you would be to consider recording an audio class that you sell on your website or doing a teleclass that you charge money for that comes with an eBook. That could be either a one-night class or could be a series of three classes over the course of three weeks, something like that. Just consider to yourself what you think you would like to perhaps create. I think it's a good first step to create an audio class either that you host live and you charge money for, or you could just record an audio that comes with a book you wrote, and when I say write a book, basically what you do is you go on your computer, you write a little manual about the topic, make it five to ten pages long, and then you sell it on your website, and it's all really great ways for you to generate income to have people able to work with you at different price points and to move forward with really getting out there and promoting your work. Let's talk about the steps to create your own product, and I recommend you start with an audio course or a teleclass series, something kind of simple for you to organize that we've already given you support around. It could even be a group program. Decide on what you'd like to deliver, decide on what the theme will be, what's the class going to be about, how do you want to deliver it? An eBook, an audio class, a teleseminar series, a group program. Make it really, really clear to you and your ideal clients what you want to do. The next thing I then do is I sit down actually and I create my product. Say, for example, that you want to do a teleclass that's live, and you want to charge money for it, and you want to give an eBook that goes along with it. You'll want to sit down. You'll want to write your outline for your call. You want to create your eBook and get it all prepared. That's really the easy part. When it comes down to actually creating an outline for your class, all you would need to do is reference the sugar blues outline or the eating for energy. Use the same format except tailor it for a course. When you're doing something that people are charging for obviously you're going to give a lot more content than when you're doing something that's free that's a teaser to come for a health consultation. When people are actually paying you for these courses that you're selling, you do want to give them lots of good content that will help them to have success on the particular topic that you're promoting. After you've sat down and kind of planned okay, what is it my ideal clients are looking for? How is it I want to create something in product? I think I'm going to do a live teleclass, and I'm going to write an eBook that goes with it that's kind of like a workbook or a worksheet that goes along with the call. Okay, so I'm deciding that I want to launch that six weeks from now. I'm going to sit down this weekend, and I'm going to write the outline for my class. Then I'm going to write the outline for the workbook that goes along with it, and then I'm going to sit down as I'm doing that and start planning my marketing. I do recommend too if you're going to create a product you want to make sure you have a catchy title. You don't just want to say, Reduce Your Sugar Cravings. You want to say, 60 Minutes to Change Your Sugar Cravings Forever, something like that. Make it catchy. Something else I recommend that you do is if you're going to create any type of eBook or audio course, make sure that you have a friend or buddy or one of your colleagues kind of proof read it for you, look for spelling, kind of give you their input on what it's like just so you have another pair of eyes to look at it. Once you know what you want to create, you've got your topic in mind, you decided how you want to deliver it, you know it's an audio class, a teleseminar series, an eBook, whatever it may be, you then want to sit down and kind of think about what are some of the details that need to be coordinated for that? You'll have to kind of think about how you're going to have people pay you for it. Maybe you'll want to use Practice Pay Solutions or PayPal. How are you going to get it on your website? You may need to have your tech-savvy friend create a link for you to put a pay now button on your website. I'll talk about that in a moment, but for now I want you just to be thinking about how can I create a product. For those of you who do want to create an audio class, I recommend that you use a service called AudioAcrobat. There are different programs out there. I use that service, AudioAcrobat. It's really great, and they allow you to record classes. They give you links for all the audios you've recorded. It's really, really user friendly. I'll talk about that in a little bit. All right. For now you've got your idea in mind, you know how you want to promote it, you know who you want to promote it to. Now you need to sit down and actually start your planning on how you're going to launch and market your product. The easy part of doing a product is sitting down and writing it, writing the outline, creating the book, creating the worksheets, looking over the group program outlines, just kind of tailoring those to your target market. Then what you want to do is you really need to sit down and start putting the marketing planning together. The most important part of having an audio product or program or a course is having people who are going to buy it and/or participate in it, so you have to plan your product launch and your product promotions. I highly recommend if you want to launch a product give yourself ample time to do so. I would start at least six weeks in advance to sit down and plan your marketing calendar, plan the creation of your course, get your referral partners and affiliates on board. Very important for you to consider when you will do the marketing. Then what you want to do is you want to decide how am I going to promote what I'm launching? I might want to do email marketing, do a series of emails, and put that together and figure out okay, I'm going to do four or five emails to my entire mailing list and to my referral partners that I'm going to start doing about three weeks ahead of time to have people understand what the product is, talk about the benefits, kind of figuring out how you'll plan your email marketing. You may even want to have a teleclass that is a preview to your upcoming group program. Say, for example, you want to launch a group program in six weeks. You may have a free teleclass that you do five weeks from now that's a preview to your group program which encourages people to sign up for the program. You might want to think about having that as an example too. I recommend what you do is you think about as a first step using your emails, your newsletters, your emails, Facebook, social media, etc. and your referral partners to help you promote your upcoming product. You'll also want to start planning who do I know in my referral network, physicians, doctors, complementary practitioners, etc., who can help promote this for me? It's very important to realize that if your email list isn't very big you may want to do some referral work and figure out who your other complementary practitioners are, giving them email text to send out to their contacts about your upcoming, in our example here, teleseminar series. Say you're going to do a three-week teleseminar series on how to kick your sugar habits and have more energy. What you'll want to start doing is you'll want to start planning your emails that will be for your launch of your teleseminar series. I want to give you a little calendar of what I do to plan my teleseminar launch. What I would do is I would first of all write all the emails that you want to send out. I recommend that you plan at least four different emails that are going to promote your upcoming teleclass series. Keep in mind people have to be reminded of what they get. They're not going to always open it on the first time. You have to give them a few reminders because people are frankly busy. People need to know what you're offering, what's in it for them, and they have to be reminded of why they should take action. What I would do is three weeks before you want to start your teleseminar series or your webinar series, you want to send out one email that's your announcement email. Guess what? Are you ready to learn how to kick your sugar habits? Are you ready to have more energy than you can handle? Great. You'll definitely not want to miss my upcoming teleseminar series on kick your sugar habits once and for all. Here's what you get in this teleseminar series. Here's when it starts. Here's how to sign up. Now keep in mind whenever you send out an email that's a promotion for a teleclass or a teleseminar series or your eBook, you want to make sure that you have plenty of benefits in the email. You have to have people thinking about what they're going to get out of it. Here's what you're going to get. Are you tired of being tired all the time? Would you like to have more energy? Here's this teleseminar series that's coming up. Here's what I'm going to cover. Here's what you're going to get. Benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits, benefits. Very important for you to make sure that in your emails for your launch that you have the benefits that people will achieve if they participate in the program. You want to send that about three weeks before you start your teleclass series or before you launch your upcoming program or product. Then what you want to do is two weeks before the program launches you're going to want to send another email that says have you signed up yet for the class? Here's what you get, here's what you get, here's what you get. Here's how to sign up. Click here, email me at this address, visit this web link, call me at this number. You want to send another email two weeks before. You also can post these emails on Facebook. You can send out an email to your contacts on Facebook. You can follow the same formula three weeks out, two weeks out, etc. You also want to make sure that you remind your referral partners to send a reminder to their contacts and just say just remember, Robert's course is starting in two weeks. If you haven't signed up yet, please be sure to do so. All right, so you send an email three weeks ahead of time. Benefits-oriented, here's what you get, here's what you get, here's what you get. Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but I find that many times quite a few of you still don't talk enough about the benefits. You have to promote the benefits of everything you're doing because if someone isn't clear what they get out of it, I promise you they will not sign up for your program. Here's what you get, here's how to sign up, and then what you want to do one week before is you want to send another email and say it's only one week away. My teleclass series is starting. Are you going to miss out? Here's what you get. We've only got four spaces left. Be sure to enroll by Friday to get the early-bird discount. Don't miss out. I'm really excited to work with you. Okay. You've sent an email three weeks ahead of time that was very benefits-oriented. It describes your program. It talks about when the program starts, etc. You then send another email two weeks before that reminds them it's starting in two weeks. Are you going to sign up? Here's your special discount if you register by Friday. You send another email a week before that reminds them the program is starting soon. Now I know that some of you are sitting there thinking gosh, this seems like a lot of emails. I don't want to be pushy. I have to remind you that you must send repeated emails or people will simply not sign up. They may not read the first one. They may not read the third one. They're very, very busy at their job, with their families, with their partner, their own stressful life. They have to have repeated reminders of what the program is, what they get out of it, and how to sign up. Then what I do two or three days before I start my program is I send out one last email that says the program starts in two days, be sure you don't miss out. Here's how to register. There's only three spaces left. I look so forward to supporting you. Are you joining us? Can't wait to support you. All right, so that's the series of emails I would send out. I would make a grand announcement three weeks beforehand keeping in mind benefits, here's what you get, here's how to sign up. I would send out another email to your email list and your referral partners and on Facebook, etc. Here's what you get. The program starts in two weeks. Don't miss out. I would then send out one more email a week ahead of time reminding them what they get, here's how to sign up. Then two or three days before, it all starts in two days. Make sure you don't miss out. You're not being manipulative. You're simply letting them know what they get out of it. If people don't want to get your emails they can simply unsubscribe. It's important for you to just keep reminding people in a loving way what they're going to get out of your upcoming program. I want to switch gears for a second. I want to give you an idea that has been very helpful for me in my business. When I launched my Marketing Radiance coaching club, how I launched that was I sent a series of emails, but I launched it by actually giving a free teleclass that was a teaser to the types of information I was going to cover in the club. It was also a sales teleseminar that encouraged people to sign up and join my club. I planned a teleseminar launch call. I want to tell you about how I did that, and I want to give you some tips on how you could do that as well. Let's say for example that you want to promote an upcoming group program, and your group program is done by phone. It's a three-month group coaching program. Let's say, for example, you want you launch your group program six weeks from now. You've already started creating your outlines for the sessions you're going to conduct by phone, you have already sat down and thought about when you're going to start doing your marketing and when you're going to start doing your planning, and then you decided you know what, I think it would be really cool if I did a free teleclass that was a teaser to the kinds of things I'm going to cover in my upcoming group program because what this will do is it will give people a chance to hear from you. They get a few tips about having more energy, less stress, but not giving it all away so they'll be incentivized because of your free teleclass to then after your teleclass go to your website and sign up for your upcoming group program. I want to tell you my quick formula on how to do a teleseminar launch call. Keep in mind this teleseminar launch call is not a call where you're giving away a lot of information. This isn't a product you're selling. This launch call is a preview just like a sugar blues class is a preview to coming to work with you on your health coaching program. A teleseminar launch call for your upcoming audio class series, your upcoming group program, or your upcoming class by phone is a way for you to give them some valuable information that lets them know a little more about your program and tells them how to sign up for the upcoming thing that you're promoting. A really cool way to do that is to have a preview call. How do you do that? You know that you're going to launch a group program that's a basic health coaching group program, three months long, starting in six weeks. You've decided that two weeks before your group program starts you'd like to do a free teleclass that is a preview to your group program which you're going to use as a marketing tool to get enrollments in your group program. I recommend that you do your teleclass very similarly to how you would do a sugar blues class, kind of having three or five main points, having it be about an hour long, and then at the end of the class instead of promoting a free health consultation you're going to promote signing up for your group program. I would suggest an hour long teleseminar launch call. In that launch call I would make sure that you have about five main points that you're going to cover, five different points that talk about the problems people are facing and related to the types of things they'll get out of working with you in your upcoming group program. It's just like a sugar blues lecture. You're going to give them a few good tips. You're going to talk about how having too much sugar affects our life. You're going to talk about how food choices are related to our lifestyle. You're going to talk about how we create our own stress. You're going to give them a few, four, five, six main points that are just getting them in touch with the problems they're facing, and along the way you're going to throw in a couple of tips about little things they can try that will help them but not giving it all away. Let's say, for example, you're doing a teleseminar preview call that is again a preview and a promotion call for your upcoming group program. One of your points may be sugar and how sugar negatively affects the body. You're going to talk about the negative impacts sugar has on our body, how when we're stressed we create sugar more often. You may give them a free tip of thinking about why don't you sit down when you crave sugar next time and have a glass of water and take a few breaths before you give into your craving and see how that feels for you? By the way, this is the kind of thing that I'm going to talk about in detail at my upcoming group program. I'll share more with you about that in just a few moments at the end of our call. Basically you want to prepare your teleseminar that's a preview for your program that you're launching. You're going to give three, four, five main points that will get them thinking about what's not going well in their life, a couple of quick tips along the way, but you're going to want to leave them wanting more. During this teleseminar you can mention a couple of times this is exactly what I'm going to cover at my upcoming program just like when you do a sugar blues lecture, and I recommend that you say things like and this is the type of thing I help people with in my coaching program. You want to be just planting seeds like this is what I'm going to cover in my upcoming group program that launches on December 15. I'll tell you more about that in just a little bit. Basically you've done your call, you've got your teleseminar that you're going to—you've written the outline, you've got it all planned, you're going to provide some five main points in your call. You will give them a couple tips along the way but leave them wanting more. At the end of your call you want to talk about your program and promote it and why they should sign up and how they can sign up. At the end of your call what you can say is great, so I hope you've enjoyed this call. I'm really excited to announce that for all of you on this call tonight I'm launching in two weeks my group program on how to jump-start your life and have more energy than you can handle. I'm going to teach you step by step how to reduce foods that don't support your health, how to eat foods you actually enjoy that will not make you gain extra weight, how to reduce the stress in your life step by step and keep yourself destressed, how to improve the quality of your relationships, etc., etc. You want to talk at the end of your call about hey, guess what, if you enjoyed this call you'll definitely want to check out my upcoming group program. Here's what you're going to get out of the group. Here's what you're going to get. Benefits, benefits, benefits. Guess what? If you enroll in my group program by November 15, the price is only $147 for the entire program. After that the price is going to jump to $197 so be sure to enroll by November 15, and here's how you can sign up. You can visit and sign up tonight. You can email me at [email protected] You can call this phone number and register. Keep in mind the discount only lasts until November 15. What I've done there is I gave a really strong teleclass which was a preview for my upcoming group program. I gave a few great points in the class that gave them a little bit of information but left them wanting more. I closed the call by saying guess what, if you enjoyed this call tonight, I'm going to cover all of this and so much more in my upcoming group coaching program. Here's what you're going to get out of it, and here's how you sign up. Do it tonight. Here's what you get. Here's a discount. I want to make sure that you give them special incentives. You could also say and by the way, if you sign up tonight you'll receive my free eBook on how to quickly reduce your cravings overnight, or you can be one of the first 10 people to sign up, and you'll get a free 30-minute consultation with me. If you're one of the first five people to enroll, you'll get to be on a bonus group coaching call with me to get yourself started before the program starts. You may want to throw in a few bonuses that gets them interested and gives them an incentive to sign up with you before the program starts. You've got everything ready to go. You have done your launch call or your series of emails. Your product is ready to go. Your all set up, and then you're going to launch your product. Say, for example, that your group program starts tomorrow. You've already done your emails. You've done your Facebook. Your referral partner has sent out their emails. You're going to launch the call tomorrow. Then you want to kind of think about how you will use—what strategies, technology, how you're going to take your payments, and all that kind of stuff. Obviously if people are going to be paying you for your program, you have to be able to have a way ahead of time before the program starts to have them sign up and pay. What I do is I always have a page on my website that's a sign-up page for my particular program, class, course. I have a buy now, pay now button. You want to have a payment processing system, so you want to have a way to have people pay you. You can do that also through PayPal. PayPal's another way to get a buy now button on your website. I prefer Practice Pay. They're a little more user friendly, but PayPal certainly works as well. If you're going to do a teleclass, you want to make sure that you have a teleclass line. You can use, any of those different services. is one. There's a provider called NConnects—, which is the teleseminar class line that I use for my products. You'll also want to use a shopping cart if you want to sell things like an audio book or an audio series. Practice Pay Solutions actually has a shopping cart. I think PayPal does as well, but you can contact Practice Pay. They will walk you through how to get that set up. But keep in mind for these technical details like putting up a buy now button on your website or recording your calls and posting them on your website, you're going to want to work with those particular service providers like AudioAcrobat, Practice Pay Solutions, NConnects teleseminar series. It may be helpful for you, for those of you who are not so web savvy, to enlist the help of a web-savvy friend, family member, colleague to sort of walk you through how to get those buttons on your website. You may even want to hire a web designer. There's a lot of freelance web designers. You can find them on Craigslist. If any of you have any resources, you can certainly share those. You probably would want to have a web designer to help you. Then really all you need to do is you need to launch your program. Just start your group program by phone. You have your teleseminar series set up. You, of course, want to remind people before the class starts. Here's the phone number to dial into just like when we do these webinars. The webinar service sends you a reminder of here's the link to join the webinar. You're going to want to obviously have an email service that's pre-set up or just one that you do yourself manually. I'd like you to think now what is it I'd like to create? What is my next step? Do I want to have an audio class for download on my website? Do I want to create a teleseminar series that I enroll people in that's going to be live? Do I want to a group coaching program by phone or even in person? What is it that I would like to do or create?

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