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Next stop, Long Branch. Transfer point for all Special Economic Zone destinations. Dad. What? You know I hate when you play over my shoulder. Just trying to figure out why you like it so much. What do you want for dinner after your first day of wage slavery? Eggplant pasta? Sure. You know, Maxine, I really wish-- -This is the last Toronto stop. After this stop this will an eastbound train. Don't make a big deal of it. Hey! Maxine! You made it! Hey guys. Told you she'd get pre-approved. What intake group are you guys in? 7I. Aw, damn. I'm in 4I. No, that's good, the "I" means we'll end up on inspection together. Just different training groups. Lars' cousin worked here in the last phase, so he's got the inside scoop. Stick with us! I'm planning on it. Welcome to the Aster*sk Special Economic Zone temporary workers onboarding sector. Remember there's no risk in Aster*sk. You're going to be in last-phase quality assurance. Your orientation will be at 10:30. Yeah, I'm not signing this. OK, Drone, bring the car around. But it's 2025, guys. It's not enough for videogames to look amazing. It's not enough for videogames to sound amazing. Videogames have to feel amazing. And that's where the nextgen haptic interface comes in. The player is going to feel every punch. The player is going to feel every caress. Just as if he were in the game world. You're not just making videogame cables here, people. You're making... history! You're making... history! We had the same speech. I know what you're saying. But it is pretty cool. The way you can learn skills in a game world? I can't wait. Yeah, well, it's just that every single product is going to make history. It's just a new peripheral. Yeah but it's military grade haptics! Soldiers have been using it for years to build muscle memories. What are you playing these days, Maxine? Overgrowth. The retro rabbit ninja one? I've played that one! Have they pushed the haptics update yet? ... talking about Friday! Get your bitch ass in! Looks like the new meat we ordered came in. Some sweet new meat, looks like. We'd better get back to work. You'd better. Just don't get too comfortable, temp. Fucking pricks. You'd think they'd be happy we're here helping them out. No. More temps mean less overtime. They hassled my cousin a lot too. What's with the haircuts? If you shave right over the top of the spinal column, you get a cleaner signal from the cables. There's nothing clean about those guys. They're using the cables already? But they haven't been released yet. No, they haven't. Welcome to the Special Economic Zone, Maxine. Really? The same day? Yeah, they didn't waste any time. "We think you'll make a great addition to the Aster*sk advance branding team." No shame. And it's not like I even left my contact info! Well, it probably pays more than the factory job. I should have stormed out of there. Same old shit. When they can't have you, they want you more. It's cool that you're working with Lars and Tara though. Haven't seen them since school. Yeah, I mean it's nice to know someone there but it woulda... woulda been nice to see more of you over the summer. Yeah...woulda been kind of nice to have one more summer of hijinx for the Dynamic Duo before the big day. But anyway, Harrison's happy and since I'm free I'm flying out with him tomorrow. Does he still tell you what to wear to the meetings? That was just one time, for a super important investor. -Okay, still creepy. It's business. We can't all be Rosie the Riveter, dude. Hey, page 99! Nearly cracking three digits. Yeah, it only took me eight years. Might even finish the book before I'm dead. Well, now that we've got two paycheques going in, maybe you can carve out some more time for it. I'd rather keep it how it was. Drives me nuts to think you're doing exactly what I did, going straight from school into some mindless job. I'm pretty sure you mean my entry-level job in the videogame industry? Yeah, sure it is. How did Princess like it? Factory work suit her? She didn't end up taking it. I knew it. Can't see her working in subhuman conditions. Subhuman...? Please. I have 2 whole breaks! There 15 minutes each and I'm making almost minimum wage! So, I'm pretty sure I'm living the dream. Sounds like it. So do you get to play the games at least? Not... exactly. Um, just because the haptics, the new haptics, they're only for export. They haven't been approved for sale here yet. So you're working in a games factory, but you don't get to play the games. Classic bait and switch. That's the real world for you. It's not the only world out there, Dad.

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