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What is he doing? Go and see for yourself. ... Well... here... In summer you should come, we could travel to those places and see the graves of zeks. Our village is in wires, all in wires. If you go into the woods you can find wires, those wires ... When my mom was released she used to live in this house and now it is basically falling apart. Near her house ... there were baraks of zeks, murderers and... and she was released she got to know that the village was free of that. And when she came here she had my sister first and my brother. And she saw all that she never pitied them because they... they lived I mean, they were imprisoned rightfully but my mom was imprisoned wrongly. ... What is this man doing? Yes, of course, her track was a difficult one. She told when the food was finished in the camp they had nothing to eat, they would send to the city and it was a long way there and back they would go fishing. There is a creek near Malinovka They would make nets. (This was in a different video) ... ... ... ... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . .. ... My mom loved flowers and she grew a lot of flowers and all her palisade was in flowers. ... ... ... .. ... ... Well, ... My mom... well you know that she served time in Malinovka, the when she was released she got married and had her daughter and had a son. I am the last one and my sister went to study and remained there. Me and my brother are here in Tioply Klyuch. ... My mom got jailed beacuse of 12 frozen potatoes. She was living with her grandmother, my greatgrandmother and greatgrandmother used to go and cook at different people's places. Once she got very sick with bad cold. There was nothing to eat. So, my mom went to the field and picked those 12 frozen potatoes and her neighbours saw it. And they reported. When she came back home the same time police guards came and she was taken straight from her home. And she had to go through stages first she was sent to Yakutsk then here. ... ... ... .. I was just curious about how she ended up here and she started telling me that when I was a young girl. I was very interested in it. How she came here. What was it like. And she told me all that of course it was very difficult to hear all that... ...

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